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iSeller provides a variety of advanced features such as inventory control, loyalty settings, cost of goods sold, income statement, and others. To learn more about iSeller advance features, please read our article which linked to other articles in the section:

Additional Product Features

You can manage stock calculations, visibility, product organization, tag settings, and exchange of loyalty points on the Product Settings page.

In addition, you can also manage stock using iSeller, set loyalty point record when customers shop for certain products, and set cost of goods sold at the same time by referring to profit and loss reports.

Retail and FnB Product Features

There are also advanced features such as adding product variants to categorize shirt sizes into S, M, and L size. You may maintain the raw material records by using the products with recipe in restaurant, adding toppings to your food or drinks, and arranging food packages in combosets.

Online Shop Features

For easy control, you may set the item weight for shipping. Not to mention for Search Engine Optimization function that promotes your product easily in online search engines, such as Google.

Collection Feature

iSeller provides collection features for users easily organize and search for products with same collection group.

Transfer Feature

You can easily transfer products from suppliers or from other outlets. The transfer feature can also be used to record shipments made by 1 outlet to another outlet.

In-Stock Feature

iSeller also provides a feature for calculating Stock Hospitalization.

Marketing Features

iSeller also provides marketing features such as using discount codes, promotions, and gift exchanges with loyalty points.

User Settings

iSeller allows you to set up users who can access POS and Web Admin devices. You can also restrict access so that users can only access certain features.

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