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This article explains about setting up comboset products.

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Comboset products is similar to composite product, it's just more flexible. Unlike composites, comboset allows you to choose the contents of the package product. This article explains how to add comboset products available for F&B business types.

Please follow the steps below to find out how to add a comboset product. COMBOSET PRODUCTS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR F&B BUSINESSES .

Step 1

Login to your store web admin, then go to the Catalog menu, select Product sub-menu then click the Add Product button.

Step 2

Please fill in the General Information, Visibility, Price, and Modifier Group panels . Following is an explanation of each section.

General Information

General Information of the product you are adding. In this panel, you can fill in the Product Title and Description of the product. You can also upload Images for this product.


This is the panel to set product Price, Buying Price, and enable Tax on this product.


The visibility settings allows to set whether a particular product is available in which outlet/channel. If the Online Store button is activated, the product will be displayed on your Online Store. Same for the Point of Sale and each outlets.


Organization panel is where you assign Product Type, Vendor, Collections, and Tags for a product.

Modifier Groups

Select modifier group that is included for the comboset product. For more complete information on modifiers, please read Modifier Product Settings.

Step 3

For comboset products, in the Inventory panel please select the type of product as Comboset, then you will see the appearance in the Inventory panel changed.

After filling in the Item Code (SKU) and Barcode, you can fill in any products that are included in the Comboset products.

In this example we will make a Dinner Package where customers can choose Ayam Bakar or Bebek Lombok Ijo plus a choice of drinks.

Select Ayam Bakar product in the Select Product section and in the Specify Bundle Category section, please fill in Food. Then please click the Add button.

Do the same for the Bebek Lombok Ijo, then add it to the Food Bundle, then the display that you will see is as follows.

Next, please choose what products are included in the Drink Bundle. Don't forget to Specify Bundle Category for drinks. Once done, please click Add to add to the Comboset product.

You can continue to add more products into each bundle category.

Below screenshot shows example when everything has been entered.

Step 6

Click the Save button at the upper-right corner to add this new comboset products.

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