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Other Sales Channels (Food Delivery, Marketplace, Social Media)

Learn more about the Other Sales Channels such as Food Delivery, Marketplace, Social Media available on iSeller.

Account Settings

Choose the subscription package that works best for your business and accept payments more easily with iSeller Pay.


Manage your store's products easily, use the data import feature for faster processing or use the iSeller feature to provide complete details on each of your products.


Manage listings on your store with easy to manage publication listing items in any marketplaces.


Manage stock easily using iSeller. From recording the receipt and delivery of stocks to the calculation of warehouse inventory and inventory system inventory, iSeller has it all.


Create collection groups for your products to be more easily accessed at POS and Online Store.


View order history, manage fulfillment, and easily track shipments.


iSeller's marketing features include the use of discount codes, time spans promotions, and redemption of loyalty points.


Customer registration at iSeller allows you to provide benefits such as credit storage and is useful for marking dropshipper for Online Store.

Payment Settings

Receive payments more easily with iSeller Pay. iSeller also provides a dynamic and flexible payment method that can be directly integrated easily.

Store Settings

Set store preferences in Web Admin to choose the features you want to use at POS or Online Store.

User Settings

Manage sales notification, work shifts, and limitation of employee / POS user and Web Admin access limitations.

iSeller POS App

Learn more about the features of the iSeller POS application.

iSeller Admin App

Monitor all sales activities that occur at the POS and Online Store.


iSeller provides additional features and integration to other platforms to make using Platform, POS and Online Store easier.


Question and answer session about the things most frequently asked by customers.