Modifier Product Settings

This article explains how to manage modifier products.

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In previous article, we explained what is modifier groups and how to mange it. In this article, you will learn more about product modifier settings where you can add and change modifier products along with the fields that need to be filled.

To add a new modifier product, please click the Add button in the Modifier Group main page.

After you click the button, you will immediately enter the modifier group setting page as shown below.

General Information

In the General Information section, you need to fill in the Name and Color this modifier group that will be displayed on your POS.


Just below the General Information panel is the Modifier panel, you can add modifier products that are included in this modifier group named Topping.

On the left side of the panel, you can add images of the modifier product. Just click the camera logo, then select the file you want to use as the image.

You can also fill in the Modifier Name and Price (if any) for each modifier. The Color setting is the display button color of this modifier that will be shown on POS. If the modifier has a photo, the button will display the photo instead of color.

Associate with Certain Products

You can also associate a modifier product with certain products in your Products list so that the inventory of that product will be recorded whenever this modifier is selected. To make an associate product to modifier, click the button marked in red.

Once you click on the logo, you will see a new page showing Associate Modifier panel.

Activate the Enable Inventory Tracking feature, you will then need to select a Product and Quantity of the product associate to this modifier.

Modifier Order Arrangement

You can also arrange the order of the product modifier by clicking the Start Sorting button.

After you click Start Sorting, you can easily rearrange the order by dragging and dropping the three-line symbol button.


You can set the visibility of modifier group, whether to appear in all outlets or just one of them.

By default, modifier products will be displayed in all outlets. If you turn off the button on the panel, you can choose which outlet the modifier product will displayed.

Selection Mode

Next is the selection mode, where you can set how many product modifier your customer can choose from the selection of a product at POS.

If the feature is activated, you can set the minimum and maximum selection of modifier products within a group that can be selected.

Modifier Settings on The Product Page

On the product page, you can also associate the product with the modifier that you have created.

Below shows the modifier product selection display on your POS.

Below is the result of selecting the modifier for the product that has been ordered.

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