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Introduction to Collections
Introduction to Collections

This article introduce about collections and features, filtering collections, and how to add and change collections.

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Collections is use for grouping products based on same characteristics. The collection feature is very useful for creating promotional program based on products, it also helps in organizing products and display it as a group in your POS.

To manage your product collection, go to the Catalog menu and click Collections sub-menu.

Below shows the main page of Collections with some collections are active.

Collections Main Page

On the main page of Collections, you can add a new collection by clicking the Add Collection button, then you will be taken to the page to setup the new collection.

Main Section of Collections Page

The main section of the Collections page allows you to see list of your collections, search for specific collections, and filter the collection list that you want to search.

In the main table you can see: Title, Product Conditions, and Active. You can click the Title heading of this table to sort the list in alphabetical order.

The following is explanation of each column:

  • Title: Name of Collections you created.

  • Product Conditions: Conditions or characteristics of products that is automatically included in the collection.

  • Active: Status of the collection. If deactivated, the collection will not be visible on your POS and online stores.

Search for Collections

To find a specific collections, type the name of the collection that you want to search in the red box, then it will automatically sort the list of collection that includes the words you search.

Filter Collection

If you want to filter your list of collections, click the funnel logo at the upper left of the main section of the collection page, then you will find various types of filtering functions available.

There are a total of 2 types of filtering you can do to your collection list:

  • Is Active: Only show collection that is on active status.

  • Visibility: Visibility from the collection list, whether the visibility of the collection is on the online store or Point of Sale.

After you choose the filtering method, you will find the filtering form as follows:

After select type of filter (in this example is the Status), please fill in the operator and value fields referring to explanation below:

  • Operators: The way in which collection will be filtered, in this example the selected operator is Is.

  • Value: The value of the status that you want to filter, in this example the chosen value is Point of Sale.

Based on above filtering, we are looking for collection that Is Visible in POS.

After all are entered, please click Add Filter then the results of product filtering will be as follows.

Saving the Filter Results

The results of the filtering that you have just done can be saved for later use. Just click the My Filter button to save the filter results.

You can name this filter result and click the Save button, then the results of your collection filtering will be saved.

You can access the Saved Filter by clicking on the Three Point logo located at the top right of the main part of the collection.

Add / Edit Collections

To add a new collection, in Collections main page, can click the Add Collection button at the top right corner. To make changes to a collection, just click the name of the collection that is in the table.

Next in the add collection page, you will several sections separated by panels.

Following section of this article will cover detail explanation of each section panel shown in marked red box.

General Information

In general information, you can fill in the name of your collection in the collection title box. There is also a description box for you to fill in additional information of the collection. Additional information is only an internal record to clarify the purpose of the Collection and not be shown else where.


In this section, you can set which products are included in this collection. We have 2 settings for assigning products into a collection:

  1. Manual, means you manually select individual products to include in this collection. For more information, see the Manual Type Product Collection Settings page.

  2. Automatic, means the system automatically select products based on criteria to include in this collection. For more information see the Automatic Type Product Collection Settings page.


The visibility settings allows to set whether a particular collection is available in which outlet/channel. If the Online Store button is activated, the product will be displayed on your Online Store. Same for the Point of Sale and each outlets.

Online Store Visibility Settings

This feature is an additional feature specifically for the Online Store. You can set the collection to appear in your Online Store at certain time period. The main purpose of this feature allows you to create Flash Sale easily. For further configuration regarding scheduling visibility, please read the Flash Sale Settings page.


You can add images to the collection where this image will appear in online stores. There are two ways to add images to your collection:

Method 1: Select the image file that you have by clicking the Choose a file button in the panel.

Method 2: Just drag and drop the image file into the box that we have marked with a red box.

Please note: You can only upload 1 image for 1 collection.

Additional Features - Checklist

iSeller also provides an additional checklist feature in this module, for you to select multiple collections groups and change its setting all at once.

First, click the check box beside collections title, once you have done select the collections you want to change setting, an additional functions will appear on the top.

  • Publish Collections: This feature will display collections that you have selected. You can specify the relevant collection to appear at online store / POS and specific outlet,

  • Hide Collection: This feature will hide collections that you have selected. You can specify the relevant collection to be hidden at online store / POS and specific outlet,

  • Activate: This feature will activate all the collection lists that you have selected, If the collection is active, then the relevant collections will appear at online store / POS and specific outlet,

  • Deactivate: This feature will deactivate all the collection lists that you have selected, If the collection is dead, then the relevant collection will not appear online store / POS and specific outlet,

  • Delete: This feature will delete all collection lists that you have selected. Data that has been deleted can not be restored again, if you want to temporarily turn off, please select the deactivate feature .

Display Collection on POS

If the Collection on the iSeller web-admin has been published, then the collection at POS can have 2 views.

First view

This view will appear on the Checkout start page. To see what collections are there, press All and a collection list will appear in your store.

Second view

A list of collections will be display at the bottom of your screen.

To display collections like Second View, you need to activate it. Go to Settings, then in the General tab, find and enable "Show collections in tab layout".

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