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Product Management by Recipe (Ingredients)
Product Management by Recipe (Ingredients)

This article explains how to set products with recipe (ingredients).

Written by Chee Sing
Updated over a week ago

iSeller allows you to make products with recipes where the stock of raw materials will deduct when this product is sold.
This article explains how you can make products with recipes into the iSeller system. This article will take an example of Ayam Geprek products with 1 Chicken and 4 Sambal ingredients.

Step 1

Create standard product for Chicken and Sambal as raw materials from Ayam Geprek products. To create a product, please read the Product Settings page.

Step 2

Create a composite product with the name Ayam Geprek. To make composite products, please read the Composite Product Settings page.

Step 3

Complete the information in the General Information, Images, Pricing, Availability and Organization panels, as in the following screenshot. For a more complete description of each panel, please read the Product Settings page.

Step 4

In the Inventory panel , add Chicken and Sambal products as raw material for Ayam Geprek product. Enter the quantity of Chicken and Sambal products will be used to make one serving of Ayam Geprek. In this example, Chicken Geprek needs 1 Chicken and 4 Sambal. Here are the results that you should see.

When Ayam Geprek product is sold, automatically, the iSeller system will immediately deduct stock quantity of these determined raw materials.

Add a Modifier

You can also use the product modifier feature for products of the recipe type. In this example the Egg Choice option is added where the customer can order additional eggs for this product. Here is an example display on web admin and POS:

To learn more about product modifiers, please read the Modifier Product Settings page.

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