Composite Product Settings

This article explains about what is composite products, as well as how to add and change composite products.

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Composite Product is a product bundle that contain several other products. By making a Composite Product, you bundle several products into one, when the Composite Product is sold, it will reduce the stock of related products that bundled with it. Composite product can also be used as a recipe or ingredient feature for FnB business type.

How to add Composite Product

To add Composite Product, kindly follow below steps:

Step 1: Go to Add Product, just like adding a new product, you need to fill in the sections of General Information, Visibility, Pricing, Inventory, Organization and Loyalty (to directly learn how to do composite product configuration , please refer to Inventory section ). The following is an explanation of these sections.

General information

General Information of the product you are adding. In this panel, you can fill in the Product Title and Description of the product. You can also upload Images for this product.


This is the panel to set product Price, Buying Price, and enable Tax on this product.


The visibility settings allows to set whether a particular product is available in which outlet/channel. If the Online Store button is activated, the product will be displayed on your Online Store. Same for the Point of Sale and each outlets.


Organization panel is where you assign Product Type, Vendor, Collections, and Tags for a product.


In the Loyalty panel, you can set how much loyalty points earning for the product. You can set the points automatically based selling price or manually.


In the Inventory panel, click the Composite package box icon to set this product as a composite product.

Then you can fill in the Item Code and SKU of the product.

For a composite product, you can Include Products to be bundled into this product. In the include products selection box, you can select products by type out the product name and select it to include for this composite product.

After you have done selection, please click Add, then you can edit the quantity of the product to include in this composite. Once you added all bundle product, click the Save button to apply the addition of the Composite Product.

Edit Composite Product

To edit a composite product, please follow steps below.

Step 1: Go to products list, click the Composite Product you want to edit.

Step 2: After you click on the product, you will immediately be taken to the Product Settings Page for you to edit any changes.

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