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User Introduction

Learn about user introduction, starting from changing user settings, adding users, user access settings, and so on.

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This article explains the user list page and what can be done on that page. To access the user list page, please click on the Settings menu and then the Users sub-menu, then you will find a display like the following.

View User Emails

On the user list page, you can click on the user name that has been printed in blue text and you can send the user an Email directly.

Change User Settings

To change user settings, please click on the pen icon that we have marked with a red box, the user settings page will appear.

Activating Users

To activate / deactivate a particular user, you can simply adjust the button on the right side of the User.

If the user is active, then the user can login / log into the POS application or web admin depending on the settings you make.

Can be seen in the type of user Account Owne, there is no user activation button, this is created data entered from the shop owner will always be active.

If in your user list there is iSeller Support, then you might have asked for help in building / managing your store. This allows our support team to enter your store without having to request a login account. iSeller Support users cannot be disabled or deleted. If you want to delete an iSeller Support user, please contact us via live chat or Whatsapp.

Adding Users

To add a new user, please click the Add User button. For an explanation of adding users, please read the Add New User page.

User Type Summary

On the User List page, you can briefly see the type of user. A summary of user types can be seen at the bottom of the username as in the following image.

User Types

  • Account Owner: The user who created and owns the store. The account owner always has all of the Web-Admin and POS access. The account owner cannot be deactivated or deleted.

  • Full Admin: Full Admin has full Web-Admin access without any restrictions.

  • Restricted Admin: Users can log into Web-Admin but can only access pages for which you have given permission.

  • Application Access: Users with Application Access type can login to the iSeller POS and can use all features.

  • Restricted Application: If activated, the user cannot access refunds, order cancellations, use discounts, change taxes, change orders, and change iSeller POS application settings.

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