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This article will explain how to add new users such as managing user access, general information, passwords, and user pins.

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Users on iSeller can be said to be employees who use POS cashiers or people you trust to manage the admin system.

Step 1 - Access the Add User Page

Please enter the Settings menu and then click the Users sub-menu. On the next page please click the Add User button.

Step 2 - Setting General Information

On the next page, you will see the display of adding new users as below.

In this section, you can upload Users Photos, as well as General Information like First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Outlet where the user is assigned, as well as website owned by that user. Website information is for additional information only and is not used for other purpose.

Step 3 - Permissions Settings

In this column, you can set access permissions from users to use certain features on the POS and / or web admin.

iSeller Store Admin Access

When activated, users can access the web admin to manage your store. To access the iSeller store admin, users are expected to fill in their Email and Password information as identification when logging in.

If you activate the button, you will find a new setting with the title Limit admin access. This feature is useful if you want to restrict these users from accessing certain pages.

Limit Admin Access

When you activate the button, you will see all the pages on the web admin. Please select / check which pages can be accessed by that user.

iSeller POS Application Access

The following features when activated will allow users to access the POS application to make sales and receive payments.

To access iSeller POS, users are expected to have a unique PIN as their identity when logging in / to the POS application.

When activated, you can also limit POS access with the Limit POS access feature.

Limit POS Access

The next feature is Limit POS Access for your users. If activated, the User cannot access more sensitive POS features such as Refunds, Canceled Orders, Special Discounts, Special Taxes, etc.

Step 4 - Create a Password

The next step is to create a password for your users to access the web admin. To create a password, please fill in the information that we have marked with a red box.

Step 5 - Create a PIN

The next step is to create a PIN for your users that will be used to access the POS. To create a PIN, please fill in the information that we have marked with a red box. PIN consists of 4 numbers.

Step 6 - User Status

To activate the status of the user, please pay attention to the button that we have marked with a red box. If it is on, then the user's status is active and can log in / enter the POS application and / or web admin.

Step 7 - Save User Settings

Click the Save button to save settings and add new users.

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