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Change Email for Web Admin Login
Change Email for Web Admin Login

This article will explain how to change your own e-mail account for the iSeller web-admin login.

Written by Cheah
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This article will explain how you as the account owner change your e-mail. Here are the steps.

Step 1 - Enter Account Holder Settings

Please enter the User Settings page which you will find in the Settings menu and Users sub-menu. In the Account Owner column, please click on the Pen icon and you will be taken to the account owner settings page.

Step 2 - Change Email

On the account owner settings page, please click Change Email and fill in a new Email. Then click Save to apply the new e-mail change.

Step 3 - Advanced Verification

In the next stage, you will find a display like the following.

Please enter the password that you use to log in to your account now, then click Proceed to continue the Email Changing Process.

Step 4 - Your Email Has Changed

Now you must use a new email account to log into the web admin or iSeller POS application.

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