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Product Loyalty Point Settings
Product Loyalty Point Settings

This article is about how to activate and set product loyalty points.

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This article aims to provide information on how to give loyalty points when buying certain products. Loyalty points for certain products do not follow the loyalty points rules set in the Marketing menu. To set Product Loyalty Points, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Marketing menu and the Loyalty sub-menu then activate the Enable Loyalty Point button. When activated, you will see the loyalty point settings which will be discussed in the Loyalty Point Settings. After switching it on, please click the Save button.

Step 2: Go to the product menu for which you want to add loyalty points.

By default, the loyalty points that are earned are a comparison of the loyalty points specified on the loyalty page. Example: Loyalty Arrangement with Expenditures of Rp 10,000 yields 1 point. If Product A price is Rp 55,000, the automatic loyalty point value obtained is 5 points.

To set loyalty points separately, you can select the column that we have marked with a red box and fill in the desired nominal points.

From the picture above we can conclude that if a customer buys the item, the customer will automatically get 100 loyalty points, and not follow the loyalty points rules by default. When finished, please click the save button located in the upper right corner, and the Product Loyalty Point Settings will be applied.

For Advanced Loyalty Point Settings, please open the Loyalty Point Settings page.

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