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Product Weight Settings
Product Weight Settings

This article will explain how to manage the weight of the products that will be sold at your online store.

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You can adjust the weight of the products you want to sell in your Online Store when you want to add new products, or change existing products.

On the product settings page, see the Shipping panel as shown below.

If you are selling the goods that do not require shipping of physical products (for example digital voucher code products), then you do not need to activate the Weight Management feature.

The weight management feature is used to calculate shipping rates at checkout. We recommend calculating the weight of the product included with the weight of the package so that the customer can pay according to the weight of the package to be shipped. Example of selling dolls with a weight of 500 grams and wooden packaging weighing 2 kg, it is recommended to fill the product weight of 2.5 kg or 2,500 grams so that the calculated shipping rates is 2.5 kg.

If you want to set separate package weights, you can read the Package Volume Settings. This setting is recommended for couriers who allow sending several packages at once in one shipment.

For products that are physical in nature and require shipping, you can click the Activate Weight Settings button.

After you activate the feature, the product weight setting will come out. Please write your product weight in the Weight column. Then select the Weight Unit next to it.

After you enter the product weight, you can click the save button in the top right corner to save your changes.

Checkout Display

On the checkout page, if you buy a digital product that does not require shipping, then there are only 2 steps to complete checkout as shown below.

In contrast to digital products, when customers want to buy physical goods, at checkout, there will be 3 steps: Customer Information, Shipping Methods, and Payment Methods.

In the shipping methods step, the customer must choose the courier to be used for shipping the purchased product. You can arrange the couriers available at your store by making Shipping Arrangements.

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