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Integrated Shipping Carriers Settings
Integrated Shipping Carriers Settings

This article describes how to enable integrated shipping carriers and the advantages when using integrated shipping carriers.

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Integrated Shipping Carriers is a delivery method using a courier that is integrated with iSeller. The advantage of using an integrated shipping carriers is that you can automatically track shipments after fulfilling orders.

All integrated shipping costs will be automatically updated using the API obtained from the collaboration with the relevant courier.

Before you use integrated shipping, you must set the address for picking up goods. iSeller provides a special feature where couriers can be called to your pick up address and you don't need to bother delivering them to the courier agent. To set the delivery address, please read the Delivery Address Settings.

Next, please see the Integrated Shipping Carriers panel as shown below.

You can see in the panel above that you cannot activate the integrated shipping carrier because iSeller Pay is not active. One of the requirements to use an integrated shipping carrier is that you must activate iSeller Pay. This has an effect on the payout report where the payout we send to you will be reduced by the shipping costs.

To activate the courier you want to install on your online store, please activate the desired integrated shipping carrier button as shown.

After the courier you choose is activated, your customer will be able to select the courier on the checkout page in the shipping method selection step as shown below.

Integrated Shipping Service Settings

ISeller's integrated shipping service is divided into 2 namely:

  • Domestic Shipping: A courier for shipments that is specialized for shipping within the country. The choice of domestic courier depends on the shipping address settings you had specified it. The shipping address also determines the shipping cost calculated at the relevant courier. To learn more, please read the Domestic Integrated Shipping Carriers Settings article.

  • International Shipping: Courier shipping for overseas shipping. You must set the sending address before you can use this feature. You can also choose which countries you want your online store to support. To learn more, please read the article on International Integrated Courier Shipping Arrangements.

iSeller provides a courier calling feature where you don't have to bother to come to the location of the shipping agent to leave the items. The courier called will come to the address you set in the sending address setting. To be able to call the courier to the shipping address, please read the steps in Fulfillment / Fulfillment (Online).

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