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Activating iSeller Pay
Activating iSeller Pay

This article will explain how to enable iSeller Pay on POS.

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iSeller provides an integrated Payment Method called iSeller Pay. The advantage of using iSeller Pay is that you can directly sell without having to make a request to the bank to wait for approval such as a Cooperation Agreement. Let's follow the steps below to activate iSeller Pay.

Step 1: Enter your store and open the Settings Menu and Payments Sub-Menu and activate iSeller Pay.

Step 2 : Click the Activation button in the Point of Sale Panel or the Online Store.

Step 3 : When you click the Activation button , you will be shown the iSeller Pay Details registration form as shown below.

The following explanation of the form .

  • Store Name : The name of your store that will be displayed on your customer's bill.

  • Telephone No. : The telephone number that will appear on your customer's bill.

  • Account Name : The name of the account holder who will receive payment from iSeller.

  • Account Number : The account number that will receive payment from iSeller.

  • Bank Name : The name of the bank that will receive payment from iSeller.

  • Swift Bank Code: The Swift Code from the Bank that you registered for iSeller Pay. The Swift Code is NOT the same as the CVV code, the Swift Code is a Bank Code in each province . If you don't know about your Swift Code Bank, you can do a search on google or contact us via live chat.

  • Bank Address : Bank branch address for the account number you registered.

  • Bank Country : The country of origin of the Bank for the account number you registered.

  • Bank Currency: The main currency for the Account Number you registered.

Click the " Save " button to save the form. Please wait 1x24 hours to activate iSeller Pay. If you need further assistance, please contact us via Live Chat by clicking the button on the bottom right, or please send an E-mail to, or contact us via WhatsApp.

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