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This article will explain about the deposit report that iSeller will send to you.

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Through this report, you can review the deposit data that will be sent by iSeller to you. iSeller will make a deposit every Tuesday and Friday. The rule we use is the rule from the bank with the name H + 2 roll.

To access the deposit report, please click the Reports menu then the Payout Reports sub-menu.

You can see all the list of payout reports on the start page as shown below.

On the payout reports list page, you can see some information such as:

  • Last Payout: Description of the last date and cost that has been deposited by iSeller to you.

  • Next Payout Card & Digital: Description of dates and fees that enter iSeller Pay using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX) which iSeller must deposit to you.

  • Next Deposit (Omni Payment): Description of the date and fees that go to iSeller Pay using omni payments (ATM / Bank Transfer, eBanking, mBanking, mini market) which iSeller must deposit to you.

  • Pending Balance: Description of the remaining deposits that iSeller still has to pay to you.

In addition you can also see a list of deposits with the following column information:

  • Reference ID: The ID number for the deposit.

  • Date: The date the deposit was made.

  • Status: The status of the deposit is waiting for confirmation / in the process of depositing / completion / failure.

  • Transactions Amount: The total of all transactions that are on this 1 deposit.

  • Total Fees: The total costs incurred for each transaction in the 1 deposit. The total cost for each payment method varies. To find out the cost of each payment method, please refer to the iSeller Pay (POS) Payment Settings page or iSeller Pay (Online) Payment Settings.

  • Total Deposit: The total deposit that you get is calculated from the total transaction minus the total fee.

  • Deposit Details: In the far right column, you can press the magnifying glass button to view the details of each deposit. After pressing, a new window will appear as below.

Add Dimension

Add dimension will detail the report based on additional information. The additional information referred to is the data category which becomes the new reference in the detailed report.

To add dimensions please click Add Dimension like in the picture and you will find various types of additional dimensions that we have provided.

There are a total of 3 added dimensions you can add to your report:

  • Outlet: Specifies the report by adding information on the outlet / branch where the transactions recorded in each deposit were made.

  • Bank Transfer Code: Specify the report by adding the bank transfer code used by iSeller to make deposits.

  • Completion Date: The date of the deposit made by iSeller.

Add Metric

You can also add a column containing the total calculation to the data by clicking Add Metric as shown below.

There are a total of 5 additional metrics you can add to your report:

  • Total Adjustment: Under cost or excess cost at the time of deposit which will be included in the next deposit.

  • Total Sales: Total gross sales calculated from total transactions plus refunds.

  • Refund Amount: The total refund fee paid to you if a customer makes a transaction using iSeller Pay and requests a refund.

  • Transaction Fee: Net transaction fees are calculated from the total transaction costs which exclude return and shipping costs.

  • Shipping Fee: The total shipping fees used to send goods when selling in online stores.

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