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Payment Settings with iSeller Pay (POS)
Payment Settings with iSeller Pay (POS)

Learn about credit/debit card payments with the EDC Cashlez machine, payment with BNI Yap!, and payment with D-Pay Indosat.

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To access payment settings with iSeller Pay, please click the Settings menu then the Payments sub-menu. Then please go to the Point of Sale panel which has been marked as shown below.

Before using iSeller Pay, you must activate iSeller Pay which can be read in the article Activating iSeller Pay. One of the advantages of paying using iSeller Pay is that you don't need to make requests to the bank to wait for approval such as cooperation agreements and making EDC orders where approval takes a long time.

There are 3 payment methods provided by iSeller Pay along with MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) or a discount for processing fees:

  • Payment using credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Debit cards), a processing fee of 2.50%

  • Payment using credit card (Cashlez), a processing fee of 2.30%

  • Payment using Yap (BNI Yap! Pay), a processing fee of 1.80%

Debit and credit card payments with Cashlez

This payment is a payment gateway using the EDC Cashlez machine. You can purchase an EDC machine directly from us by contacting us via WhatsApp. The EDC Cashlez machine that you buy will go through the activation and test stages by our team so that you can use it immediately without damage.

Apart from activating iSeller Pay, you also have to enter the shop logo on the General Settings page in order to use Cashlez.

The first step to using Cashlez in your shop is to connect the EDC machine to the iSeller POS app. To find out more read the article Cashlez EDC Settings.

After the EDC device is connected to your POS, you can immediately use the EDC machine to accept debit and credit card payments. The following is a picture of the payment method selection on the POS checkout page.

When you select a Credit Card (mPos), a new page will appear containing information on the order fee and the iSeller Pay method you want to use as follows.

  • Debit: Used when your customer pays using a debit card. Customers will be asked to enter the PIN for the debit card.

  • Credit Pin: Used when your customer pays using a credit card that requires verification using a PIN.

  • Credit Signature: Used when your customer pays using a credit card that requires signature verification. A signature is only required for transactions over Rp 250,000.

  • International Credit/Debit Card: Used when your customer pays using a card that is not included in the GPN (National Payment Gateway) group.

As one example we will explain the steps if the customer uses payment by Credit Card (mPOS) - Credit Pin.

Step 1: On the checkout page, the cashier will select the Credit Card (mPOS) payment method at POS.

Step 2: The cashier will select the Credit Pin on the POS.

Step 3: A new form will appear in the form of a notification for the cashier to insert or swipe the credit card at EDC Cashlez.

Step 4: The following will appear on the EDC Cashlez machine. Pay attention to the fees listed on the POS application that will appear on the EDC machine as confirmation of the payment value.

Step 5: The cashier will insert or swipe your customer's credit card at the EDC Cashlez machine (depending on the type of card used), then the customer will enter the PIN as shown below.

The example above is a credit card that has a chip, so the card reading is done by inserting it from the bottom. If the credit card used does not have a chip, please do a swipe on the top of the EDC machine.

Step 6: After the customer enters the PIN, the order process has been completed and the following will appear on the POS when the order process has been completed.

Payment using BNI digital wallet Yap!

iSeller also supports payments using BNI Yap!. Customers only need to open the BNI Yap! Application, select the option 'Pay Merchants' and select what will be used as a source of funds. On the BNI Yap! Customers can choose to make payments using a BNI debit card, BNI credit card, or electronic money (UnikQu).

The following shows the payment method using BNI Yap! at the POS.

After you click Yap! the Payment Details page will appear according to the customer's order.

Next, after the customer agrees the amount to be paid, click the 'OK' button, a new page will appear in the form of a QR Code, which later the customer only needs to use the smartphone camera and Scan QR in the POS.

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