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Shipping Settings - Delivery Address
Shipping Settings - Delivery Address

In this article you can learn how to set the delivery address for goods / products.

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The shipping address is where you ship your products. This shipping address will be used for integrated shipping services, and will also be printed on the shipping label when making shipping preparations. You can use your home address, outlet address, or warehouse address.

To set the shipping address, you can go to the Settings menu, then click shipping. Click the change button in the Shipping Origin panel as shown below.

In this panel, you can set your product pickup point address. Also note that latitude and longitude are in the right position. To adjust it, you can change Pin Point Location.

Slide the folder to adjust. To zoom in or out you can use the zoom button in the lower right corner.

Then you can enter contacts that can be contacted in the Contact Details section. The entered contact is the contact person responsible for shipping goods. You can fill in your own data or the person who takes care of the shipment.

Then you can set the time to pick up the goods. You can enter 2 time options in the same day. Then click Save button to apply changes. It should be noted that the buffering time of most couriers is 2 hours.

For example, you set the pick up time at 12:00 p.m. and the secondary pick up time at 15:00 p.m. If there is a transaction before 10:00 am, it will call the courier at 12:00 noon and if there is a transaction between 11:00 am to 13:00 noon, it will call the courier at the time of collection 2.

That way you have set the shipping address. Then you can set up integrated shipping for an easier shipping method. Please read the Integrated Shipping Carriers Settings article to learn more.

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