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Fulfill Orders / Fulfillment (Online)

Learn how to fill customer orders using manual or integrated shipping.

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After you receive the payment, the next process is the preparation of shipping the goods. In the iSeller system, this process is called fulfillment. The order fulfillment process will differ depending on the type of shipping the customer chooses at checkout. This article will explain 2 ways to fulfill orders, namely:

  • Order Fulfillment by Manual Delivery: Shipments by personal courier and do not have receipt number tracking status.

  • Fulfill Orders with Integrated Shipment: Commercial courier shipments that track receipt numbers are carried out by the iSeller system.

Order fulfillment with manual delivery

Manual delivery is shipping by private courier that you have added to the manual delivery settings.

To fulfill orders with manual delivery, please open the order module, then click the order number that you want to fulfill. Then in the Order Details panel, you can click the Fulfill Items button.

Please fill in the quantity of items that you want to fulfill. The quantity of items here is the quantity of items that you want to send to the customer. Normally you enter the quantity of items according to the order, but you can also enter less than the order amount if you want to send a portion first.

Then you can choose the Shipping Carrier that you use. Choose from the list of available Shipping Carrier and fill in the tracking number. If the Shipping Carrier you are using is not available, you can leave it blank. Then click Fulfill Items to finish.

If all product shipments have been made, your fulfillment status will change to Success, which means this order has been completed and the fulfillment status will be Completed on the Sales Report.

If you enter the wrong tracking number, you can also change it by pressing the Edit Tracking button.

Enter the correct tracking number then click Save to complete the changes.

Order fulfillment with integrated delivery

Unlike the fulfillment of orders with manual delivery, on fulfillment with integrated shipping, you cannot choose a courier. Couriers will be set automatically according to the courier chosen by the customer at checkout. Click Fulfill Items to make delivery.

Please fill in the quantity of items that you want to fulfill. The quantity of items here is the quantity of items that you want to send to the customer. Normally you enter the quantity of items according to the order, but you can also enter less than the quantity of order items if you want to send a portion first.

Then you can activate or deactivate the call Shipping Carrier feature. If you enable this feature, you don't need to bother delivering the product to a shipping agent. The Shipping Carrier himself will come to your place to collect the goods. You can adjust the pick up location in the shipping address setting. Click Next to continue.

In this section, you can set the package type, size and weight of the package to be included in the shipment of the product ordered.

Note here that the package weight is 0.18 kg. The weight of this package will be added to the product weight to calculate the Total Weight.

Package weight marked as default is included in the shipping calculation when the customer checks. If the package selected at the time of fulfillment is not the default package, the shipping fee will be recalculated. To avoid differences in shipping costs due to packages, please read more about Package Volume Settings.

After completing the package's weight and volume, you can immediately press the Fulfill Items button to call the Shipping Carrier to the address that you are installing.

After the item is fulfilled, the appearance will change to the following picture.

Thus you have fulfilled your customer's order. Then you can immediately send your goods / products or wait for the Shipping Carrier to pick up your goods / products.

Package Shipping Preparation

When customers use shipping with integrated couriers at checkout, you must prepare a shipping label as the tracking number registered on your package.

Please see the newly made panel after you do the fulfillment, and click the Menu button to see additional menus. Select Print Shipping Label.

Shipping labels are used to mark your package uniquely. Shipping Carrier who come to pick up the package will scan the printed label to enter the system for tracking.

If you want to include the details of the product that you sent in your package, you can click the Print Package Items List button. But if you don't want to include it, you can immediately press the Print button to continue.

After you press the Print button, a new page will open and display a Shipping Label pdf file that you can print and paste on your package.

You do not need to pay the Shipping Carrier who came, if asked about the account number, can be seen in the lower left corner like in the picture. Shipping costs will be reduced when iSeller makes a deposit to your store, read the Payout Report to see the details of the intended costs.

After that you can print this shipping label and paste it on your package. Next is the Shipping Label display if you choose to include product details.

The product details that you send will be displayed on the right. Some shipping agents will ask you to include product details like this.

The product details are usually used for international shipments, when the recipient country imports the product, it will be checked whether the sending goods can enter the destination country or not.

Then you only have to wait for the product to be sent to the customer. If the product has been successfully shipped, the status in the Fulfillment panel will change to Success as the order status number #8156 below.

Thus you have completed orders in your Online Store. Orders made will be recorded on the Sales Report.

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