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[Getting Started] Customer's First Transaction Process
[Getting Started] Customer's First Transaction Process

This article will explain about making a customer first transaction at your online store.

Written by Leon Tan
Updated over a week ago

Direct customers to buy items at your online store, in this example you can visit the Glamore Store to follow along with this demonstration together.

Choose one of the products you want to purchase and you can also change the number of products that you want to buy by changing the numbers in the Amount column.

After selecting the desired amount, customers can add orders to the basket by pressing the Add to Basket button.

After the customer adds an order to the shopping basket, the customer can see the selected product by pressing the Basket button on the top right corner.

On the shopping cart page, customers can readjust the number of products they want to buy by changing the numbers in the amount column.

After that the customer can press the Checkout button to continue the purchase.

On the checkout page, customers can fill in their personal data in the General Information panel.

In the Online Store Configuration article, you can learn how to set a requirement for customers to create a customer account before placing an order, or have the ability to place an order as a guest.

The following are examples of orders placed as guest.

After completing the registration, the customer must fill in their shipping address. When finished, click the Continue button to select the shipping method.

On the shipping method selection page, customers can choose the available courier according to the settings you made in the Shipping Settings.

In this example, the customer chooses DHL courier as the shipping method.

Press continue to proceed to the Payment Method.

On this page, customers can choose the payment method that you have set on the General Payment Settings (Online) and Payment Settings with iSeller Pay (Online).

In this example the customer chooses the iSeller Bank Transfer payment method.

After the customer chooses the payment method, the customer can press the Confirm button to complete the order.

After the order is complete, there will be payment instructions along with the bank number and destination account name.

After that, the order will enter your web admin and you will receive the order. For further details on orders received, please read the article Making a First Transaction (Receiving Orders by Merchant).

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