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[Getting Started] Configuring an Online Store

This article explain how to activate and deactivate your online store and manage your online store access.

Written by Chee Sing
Updated over a week ago

To activate or deactivate an Online Store, you can click the Sales Channels menu, then select Online Store in submenu.

If you are setting the Online Store in iSeller for the firs time, when you open the Online Store menu a notification will appear that iSeller is preparing an initial configuration for your online store.

Once the initial configuration is complete, the Online Store page will be display as follows.

As you can see in the General Information panel, iSeller provides a free website address that you can directly use as a selling playform. The website address provided by iSeller is {storename}. where {storename} is the name of the store that you used when creating the iSeller store with all lowercase letters and no spaces.

The default status for your iSeller online store is inactive, so when you try to access the link you will get message like below screenshot.

To activate your online store, please check at the bottom section in the General Information panel.

By turning on the Enable Online Store button, you are effectively activate the online store.
Don't forget to click the Save button at the top right corner.

You can temporarily disable your Online Store if you feel the need to make any changes on the Online Store and do not want your Online Store to be accessed by customers during the change process.

Inventory Selection

You can choose an outlet to associate with your online store. This is useful when customers buy goods in your online store, the stock of items to be draw from the outlet you've chosen. Please see the Inventory Selection section and you can choose which outlets you want to associate with your online store.

For example, you choose the Grand Indonesia Mall outlet. If a customer purchase 1 piece of type A T-shirt from your Online Store, the number of stock of this type A T-shirt in the Grand Indonesia Mall Inventory will decrease by 1 piece.

Manage Online Store Access

The Online Storefront Access feature allows you to open your website to everyone, require customers to register and shop using an account, or use your own website. To find out more about integrating your website with iSeller, please read Integration with Personal Websites.

You can also upload your Online Store Front Logo. The file size limited to below 250 KB.

Store Name and the store front logo that you upload will appear at the top of your Online Store page as seen below.

Dropshipper Preferences

iSeller provides dropship features that are registered as customers of your store, this allows you to do review on dropshippers. To find out more about dropshipper, please read the Dropshipper Settings page.

Language Preferences

iSeller Online Store offers multiple languages . This feature allows you to make products, navigation, legal information such as terms & conditions translated to the language you want. To find out how to add languages to your online store, please read the Language Settings.

Menu and Page Settings

You can also add navigation menus and pages to suit your needs. The additional navigation menu can appear in the header, footer, and mobile menu section.

Currency Preferences

You can display product prices in various currencies. The price displayed is only the approximate price at which the actual price will be charged to the customer's credit card according to the exchange rate applicable to the bank selected during checkout. To display product prices in multiple currencies, please read Currency Settings.

Checkout Preferences

After completing the configuration of your online store, then you can continue to configure the checkout page settings where customers can choose the method of shipping and payment. Read more in the Checkout Pages Settings article.

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