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Integration with Personal Website

Learn how to connect a personal website with iSeller, send data to iSeller checkout, and use a personal customer portal.

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If you already have a personal website for selling and want to record all sales on the iSeller system, you can integrate checkout on your website to record incoming orders.

You can find the settings for this feature in the Sales Channel menu. Click Online Store to enter your Online Store settings.

In the Store Configuration panel, please see Online Store Preferences. Please change the Online Store Access feature to Use Your Own Website.

After that the Online Store URL information will appear, here you can enter your personal store address so that when a customer accesses the iSeller store, the customer will be sent to the address of the store that you fill.

Here is an example of a personal website from iSeller. Please enter the address You will be connected to our website which is devoted to selling iSeller products.

In the picture above, you can see that the website does not use the design of the theme provided by iSeller, but has its own design and system.

Making an iSeller store using the name Intersoft Solutions, iSeller provides the store with the address, but because the Online Store URL information is filled with a personal website address, then when a customer opens an iSeller store (, the customer will be sent to Online Store URL that has been filled (

Sending Data to iSeller Checkout

After the customer has finished shopping at your store, the next step is to choose a shipping and payment method through iSeller checkout.

The thing that must be considered when sending data is the SKU code of the product that is sent. The sent SKU code must be the same as the SKU code registered on the iSeller system. To find out about iSeller SKU codes, please read the article Manage Inventory Stock.

ISeller checkouts can be accessed by using a query string. The query string format used is as the base URL followed by the store code. Then fill in the product parameters with the product SKU code list, the qty parameter to provide information on the number of products for each item purchased, and the discount parameter to send the discount code you want to use.

Example of purchasing goods at a Glamore store (store code: glamoresample) with 2 pieces of product ADIDAS-SHIRT-101 SKU and 3 pieces of NIKE-AIR-MAX-101, then writing a query string is as follows:,NIKE-AIR-MAX-101&qty=2,3

If you want to send a discount code, then the writing is as follows:,NIKE-AIR-MAX-101&qty=2,3&discount=WINTER-SALE

Use the Personal Customer Portal

Besides being able to integrate existing personal websites, you can also use the customer portal of your choice. Please see the Customer Account Access feature as shown below.

If the feature is Enable, customers who register at the iSeller online store will be registered with the iSeller system. The advantage of using the iSeller customer portal is the ease of controlling your customers and the features available on the system. Control customer features in question, among others, Dropshipper Settings, Membership Settings (Customer Groups), discounts setting for certain customers, and promotion setting for certain customers. To find out more about customer features, please read Customer Introduction.

If you want to use the preferred customer portal, change the Customer Account Access to disable and fill in the Account Portal URL Address information.

Don't forget to press the Save button in the top right corner to apply the changes that have been made.

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