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Customer Introduction
Customer Introduction

Learn about customer identification-finding customers, filtering customers and additional checklist features.

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Customer features are features that store your customer data and allow you to group your customers. Registered customers have the advantage of getting discounts or special promotions that cannot be applied to regular customers.

Another advantage of customers registered with the Online Store is to activate the Dropshipper feature. To find out more please read the Dropshipper Settings.

On the iSeller system, you can access Customer features by clicking the Customers menu, the view that you will see is as follows:

Main Parts of Customers

On the main page, you will see a list of customers that you have created. Here is how it looks:

On the customer list, we can see several columns such as:

  • Name: The name of the customer.

  • Location: Address filled in by your Customer.

  • Orders: Total Orders that the Customer has fulfilled.

  • Last Order: The latest order that the customer made. If you click on the Order Number, you will immediately be taken to the Order Details page where you can view the Order in detail.

  • Total Spent: Total Nominal amount that has been issued by the customer.

Finding Customers

To find a particular customer, please write the name of the customer you want to search into the red box, then the iSeller system will automatically sort the list of customers who have that name.

Filter Customers

If you want to filter your customer list, please click on the funnel icon located at the top left of the customer's main page, then you will find the type of customer filtering that we have provided.

You can filter customers in several ways such as:

  • Money Spent: Filtering customer lists according to the nominal money spent.

  • Orders Count: Filtering customer lists according to the number of orders that have been recorded.

  • Join Date: Filtering customer lists according to the customer registration date.

  • Accepts Marketing: Filtering the list of customers who agree to accept marketing programs such as email blasts, SMS promos, and others.

  • Tagged With: Filtering customer lists according to the tag words associated with these customers.

  • Located In: Customer list filtering according to the country of residence of the customer.

After selecting the column to filter (in this example Money Spent), please fill in the operator section and the value with an explanation as follows:

  • Operator: The way in which the customer will be filtered, in this example the selected operator is Greater Than or Equal to.

  • Value: The amount of money spent that you want to filter, in this example the value chosen is 3,000,000.

After all are entered, please click Add Filter then the filtering results of customers with the condition that the Money Spent is Greater Than or Equal to Rp 3,000,000 will be as follows.

Saving Customer Filtering Results

The results of the filtering that you have done can be saved for later use. Just click the My Filter button to save the filter results.

Specifically for Customers Features , you can save the filter results as a new filter result or as a customer group. Customer groups are used to group customers according to your business needs. One example of grouping customers is according to membership status, such as Silver, Gold, or Platinum. To learn more about this feature, please read the Customer Groups article.

At the very top, you can see several buttons such as Import, Show Customer Groups, and Add Customer.

  • Import: Import customer data that you already have directly in CSV format, the iSeller system will process that data into our system. To learn the format needed to import, please read Import Customer List.

  • Show Customer Groups: Shows the list of customer groups that you have created. On this list, you can also remove a group of customers that you no longer want to use.

  • Add Customer: Add new customers to the iSeller system manually. To learn about customer forms, please read Add / Edit Customer.

Additional Features - Checklist

iSeller also provides an additional checklist feature in this module, which is when you check the available data, additional features will appear that can help you more quickly in data processing.

When you have done the checklist, additional functions will appear at the top.

  • Manage Tags: This feature can add tags or delete tags to customer data that you have checked,

  • Delete: This feature will delete all customer data that you have checked.

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