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Dropship Settings

Learn how to activate the dropship system, how to choose a dropshipper from a customer, and the process of purchasing a dropshipper.

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Dropship is a seller system where your customers resell the products they buy at your online store, but it is you who will send the product directly to buyers on behalf of your customers.

To activate the Dropship settings, please open Sales Channels > Online Store. Scroll down to the Store Configuration panel, then activate the Enable Dropshipper Settings feature in the Dropshipper Preferences section.

In the Shipping Label Origin Address feature, you can set the sender's address printed on the shipping label. There are 2 types of addresses that you can use, namely:

  • Warehouse Address: Displays the contact name and shipping address that you registered in the shipping address setting.

  • Dropshipper Address: Shows the address of the customer who made the dropship.

Choose Customers as Dropshipper

iSeller provides a feature where you can choose one by one who can be a dropshipper in your online store. The first step that must be done is to instruct your dropshipper to register at the iSeller online store that you have as a regular customer.

After registering with your online store, please open the Customers menu to select a customer who will be used as a dropshipper.

Then click the name of the customer you want to make the dropshipper and enable the Allow Customers As Dropshipper feature.

Press click Save button in the upper right corner to finish.

Purchase Process by Dropshipper

After a customer is allowed to become a dropshipper, the customer can dropship at your online store. To do this, the customer must log in first.

Then the dropshipper must set the address that will be used as the sender's address when they do the dropship (depending on the Shipping Label Origin Address).

To set the origin address for the dropshipper, the dropshipper can open the Account Details page. Then click the new shipping address in the section marked below.

Then the dropshipper can fill in the address data that you want to register then click the Save button to complete the customer address settings.

Customers / dropshipper in this case can also add more than 1 address. For example home addresses for regular purchases and store addresses for dropship. The default address will be used as the delivery address.

To dropship, the dropshipper must fill in the New Dropship Address data. If the dropshipper chooses to fill data at a new address, the order will be considered a normal transaction.

In this section, the dropshipper can enter their buyer's address data.

For example, Emelie River will resell Silver Leaf Hair Piece to Jessica Rowe. Then Emelie can enter Jessica's address in the New Dropship Address section. Then click Continue to continue the process.

If the dropshipper has not entered the address in the Account Details, the dropshipper will be asked to enter the address on the checkout page as shown below. If there is already at least 1 address registered in the dropshipper, then this address menu will not appear and can be skipped.

Then the dropshipper can continue the checkout process as usual, and pay for the order. Customers can see the status of their orders under Account Details > Order.

Shipping Label Printing

When the dropshipper has completed the payment, you can immediately make a fulfillment on the order menu as usual.

When you print a shipping label, the name and address that appears depends on the shipping label's settings. In this example, the shipping label settings are set as Dropshipper Address so the sender's information is the dropshipper information.

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