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Main Features (Add / Change Customer)
Main Features (Add / Change Customer)

This article will explain how to add new customers or change existing customers.

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To change a customer, enter the customer module then please click on the name of an existing customer to enter the customer settings page.

To add a new customer, click the Add Customer button at the top right of your screen then you will be taken to the customer settings page.

Customer Settings

General information

In this panel you can fill general information from your store customers.

  • Photos: You can add customer photo if the photo is available by clicking Upload, then selecting the photos you want to upload.

  • First Name: The first name of your customer.

  • Last Name: Last name of your customer.

  • Email Address: An active email address that customers use to register with your store. Email addresses are used to send e-receipts on the post.

  • Gender: The sex of your customer.

  • Telephone: The active telephone number your customer is using.

  • Date of Birth: The date of birth of your customer.


This panel is used to add customer address details in your store. To add a customer's address, please click the Add Address button.

After you click the Add Address button, a new page will appear in the form of address settings for your customers.

  • First Name: The first name of your customer

  • Last Name: Last name of your customer

  • Company: The name of your customer's company

  • Title: You can fill in the Home or Office that matches the address to be entered

  • Country: The country where your customers come from

  • City: The city where your customers come from

  • Sate/Province: The province where your customers come from

  • ZIP Code: ZIP code of your customer's address

  • Telephone: Your active customer's telephone number

  • Address: The address of your customer

  • Additional Address: Additional address such as house number / apartment name / name of your shop building. You can choose whether to fill in this column or not.

  • Primary Address: You can choose to activate this button to determine the address that was entered is the default address


In this panel you can set more details about your customers such as accepts marketing, customer is tax exempt, exclude loyalty, permission and tags for your customers.

Additional Information

In this panel displays such as customer credit limits, account balances owned by customers, store credit owned by customers, loyalty points owned by customers, and you can fill in customer note if any.

Notes: If the customer data has been completed, then the display is as follows. If you click on the Email and Phone Icon, then you can directly connect to the customer's email address and the customer's WhatsApp.

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