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Customer Group

This article will explain how to group customers that are useful to make it easier for you to provide promotions for certain customers.

Written by Cheah
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Customer Group is one of the features of iSeller where you can group customers with certain conditions which then makes it easier for you to provide special promotions for certain customers.

This article will explain ways to easily add customer groups.

How to Add a Customer Group

Step 1

Please filter your customers by entering certain conditions that apply in that customer group. In this example, the conditions included in the customer group are: Customers who have money spent more than Rp. 3,000,000.

Step 2

After filtering your customers, please save the filtering results by clicking My Filter as shown below.

Step 3

In the next screen, please enter the name of the following filtering results (for example VIP Customers) then click Save As Customer Group.

Step 4

Customer group was created. Please click Show Customer Groups to display a list of customer groups that you have.

The following is a list view of the customer groups that you have created.

In this list you can apply filtering by customer groups by pressing the blue icon / symbol (i) located on the right. To delete a customer group, please press the trash icon button.

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