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Check Order Details
Check Order Details

This article explain order details, include general information, customer information, notes on orders, and timelines.

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This article explains the order details that you can see on Web Admin. You can view specific instruction from/for customers, special notes for internal operations that cannot be seen by customers, change shipping address manually, and view the timeline of the order.

Display Order Details

To view order details, please open the Order page and click the Order Number that you want to see in detail. Following is the view of order detail.

Order Details

In this panel, you can see the products sold along with the total price to be paid. You can also see the status of the purchase and see any notes that the customer made during checkout at the POS or online store. Additional notes can be anything, but usually related to orders made by customers, for example: extra bubble wrap packing, extra spicy, etc.

Other configurations that you can do here include Receiving Payments on the Online Store channel, Fulfilling Orders on the POS and Online Store, Returning Orders in the POS and Online Store, and Canceling Orders in the POS and Online Store.

View Specific Notes from/for Customers

You can see special notes that customers added during checkout at POS or Online Store. iSeller also gives you the flexible to replace the added notes if you think the notes given by the customer are unclear.

General information

In this panel, you can see the date the order occurred, the reference number of the order, the status of the order, and the sales channel (sold at POS or Online Store).

For sales using POS, information about outlet name and POS cashier will appear in the General Information sub panel.

For sales at the Online Store, payment method information and the shipping courier will appear at checkout.


This panel contains the customer's information such as name, email, contact number and the address where the order will be delivered.

Change Shipping Address

In this column, you can change the shipping address by clicking the Pen logo as shown below.

When you click the Pen logo, you will see a new page for you to filling a new address as follows.

Fill in the shipping address then click Save to apply the change of shipping address.

Special Note for Internal Operations (Comment)

You can write an internal message (Comment) that can only be seen by users who have access to the order page.

Order Timeline

You can see the order timeline as shown below. This timeline show you the time of this Order were created, payments, as well as all internal comments that have been in the conversation.

Print Order Details

To print your order details, click the Print button at the top right corner.

After pressing the button, a new display will appear as shown above to configure printing details. There are 4 settings you can change:

  • Use Outlet Info: When activated, the order details will show outlet information address, telephone number and location. If it is deactivated, it will display main store information.

  • Show Logo: Option to display the logo on printed bill.

  • Show Signature Form: Option to display the signature column on the printed bill. You can also add a name or title for each column of the signatory.

  • Show order Notes: Option to show the order notes recorded during POS / Online Store check out.

  • Footer Text: Additional text information that you want to display. It will appear at the bottom of the printed bill.

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