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Order Cancellation / Cancel (POS)
Order Cancellation / Cancel (POS)

This article will explain how to cancel an order that the customer wants to place on the POS.

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Cancel an order / cancel on a POS is used when a customer wants to cancel a completed order but has not received the order.

Order Cancellation via POS

To cancel an order on POS, please click on the Orders menu. Then select the order that you want to cancel.

Please click on the Void button, then a new page will appear in the form of details of the funds returned and you can choose whether the item stock is added to your store's inventory or not.

If it is appropriate then click the OK button, then the status of the selected order list changes to Void.

Order Cancellation via iSeller Web-Admin

You can also cancel orders through the iSeller web-admin. For order cancellations on the iSeller web-admin, please click the Orders module then open the list of canceled orders then click the menu button in the top right corner then Cancel Order.

After you click Cancel Order a new form will appear to fill in the reason for canceling the order.

After you have filled out all information regarding order cancellation, please click the Cancel Order button to approve the order cancellation.

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