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Order Cancellation / Cancel (Online)
Order Cancellation / Cancel (Online)

In this article you can learn how to cancel an order as well as methods that can be used to refund.

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Besides being able to make refund, you can also cancel orders if the goods have not been fulfilled. To cancel an order please enter the order menu, then click the order number that you wish to cancel. Click the additional menu in the upper right corner and select Cancel Order.

Then you can choose the reason for canceling the order. For example, because items are not available.

Then you can also choose whether you want to refund the money to your customers that the order have already paid. Turn off the payment refund feature button if you only want to cancel the order without refunding the payment. But if you want to refund the money, please proceed to Refund Payment.

In this section, you can see the details of your order and the total available to refund.

Then just like in the Order Refund feature, you can enter the amount of money that you want to refund.

Then click the method that used for refund. For order cancellations, there are 3 types of methods that can be used for refund, namely:

  • Discount

  • Manual

  • According to Payment Method


You can refund the payment by giving a discount to the customer for future purchases.

To learn more about discounts, please read the Introduction to Discounts article.


The manual refund method is where you return funds to customers manually, can be transferred to a customer's account, and other ways that you can discuss with customers.

According to Payment Method

You can also refund funds to customers through the payment method they used when making a payment. The only method that can be used is the same method used by the customer when making a payment. So if the customer making payment by using OVO, then the refund can only be done through OVO too.

Please note, not all refund methods support partial refunds.

For example, payment methods with OVO. OVO does not support partial refunds. So, if you enter partial funds, you will not be able to choose OVO as the refund method as shown below.

After you complete the settings, please click Cancel Order button to complete the cancellation.

Please note, if there is a customer order that has already made a payment, but the order was canceled by you for some reason, then the order status will be Refunded.

However, if there is a customer order that has not made payment and is canceled by you, then the order status will be Void or not recorded.

Thus the order has been successfully canceled. The canceled order status will go to the sales report.

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