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Order Refund / Refund (Online)
Order Refund / Refund (Online)

This article explains how to return an order, as well as refund information based on payments made.

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When a customer orders a product in your online store, and because one or another customer asks for order refund, you can set it on the order menu. In contrast to order cancellations, you can only partially return an item. So your customers can return shopping products deemed unfeasible.

Please click the order reference to make a refund. Orders that can be refund are orders that have been paid in full by the customer.

Then click Refund in the Order Details panel.

Then you can see the details of orders refund, ranging from the quantity of items, the price of goods, the cost of delivery and the total available to refund that must be returned to the customer.

Enter the refund amount that you want to return. You can make a partial refund or refund all. Then choose the reason for refund.

Then click the method used for return. There are 3 methods that can be used, namely:

  • Discount

  • Manual Refund

  • Third Party


You can return the funds to the customer in the form of a discount code that the customer can use on future purchases. To do this, please select Discount.

Then a code will appear that you can copy. You can give the code to the customer as a discount for future purchases. You can enter a partial amount for this discount method and combine it with other methods. For example, enter 10,000 in the previous step, so the code that comes out is a discount code worth 10,000.

You can directly copy the discount code, then click Refund in the lower right corner. To see the discount code you got earlier, please open the Marketing > Discount menu. Select Active button at the top to see discount codes that can be used. The code you got was in this list of active codes.

When customers use your code, the total to be paid by the customer will be deducted by the value of the discount code.

To learn more about discounts, please read the Introduction to Discounts article.


Manual refund is a method for you to do refunding manually. In this method, you can return the funds privately to the customer using a mutually agreed method. For example with bank transfer. You can transfer the funds you want to return directly to the customer's account. You can also combine this method with other methods.

Third Party

This method uses outsiders to return customer funds. The only method that can be used is the same method used by the customer when making payment at checkout. For example below, a customer pays using Go-Pay, then the refund will go to the used Go-Pay account.

Please note, not all return methods support partial returns.

For example, the payment method with Go-Pay. Go-Pay does not support partial refund. So, if you enter partial refund, you will not be able to choose Go-Pay as a return method as shown below.

If everything is correct, you can immediately click the Refund button to complete the refund. When it is successful, the payment status on the order details will change as shown below.

Additional information

Some payment methods only support returns using discount or manual refund. Here is information about the refund methods that can be used:

  • Pay On Site: Only supports refunds with discounts and manuals.

  • Manual Payments: Only support refunds with discounts and manuals.

  • Omni Payment: Only supports refunds with discounts and manuals.

  • BNI Yep! Pay : Only supports refunds with discounts and manuals.

  • Credit Card: Supports partial refunds on the following day, refunds in the form of reducing the amount of the bill, only valid for a certain period of time. If the transaction has not passed the next day, then this payment supports a full refund.

  • Credit Card Installments: Only supports full refunds, refunds in the form of cancellation of installments, only valid for a certain period of time.

  • OVO: Only supports full returns, returns in the form of a refund that is only valid on the same day.

  • Go-Pay: Only supports discount and manual returns.

  • ShopeePay: Only supports full returns, refunds in the form of refunds that are only valid for 24 hours.

  • YUKK: Supports full returns and partial returns.

Thus you have made a refund. You can review the status of the refund order on the sales report. Besides being able to refund funds to customers, you can also cancel customer orders.

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