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Fulfill Orders / Fulfillments (POS)
Fulfill Orders / Fulfillments (POS)

This article will explain how to fulfill orders at the POS.

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Fulfillment of order / fulfillment is used if the goods that have been ordered by the customer have been paid in full, but have not been completed for some reason (for example pre-order goods or taking goods at a later time).

Compliance through POS

To make an order fulfillment on POS, please click on the menu then select Orders. Then select the list orders that you want to do fulfillment.

Please open the menu by pressing the button that we marked as shown below.

Select Fulfill, then a new page will appear in the form of a list of items to be fulfilled as shown below.

After selecting the item you want to fulfill, click the OK button, then the order list status changes to Fulfilled.

You can also set the order fulfillment always on POS automatically by activating the Fulfill Order Automatically feature on the Settings page on the POS.

Compliance Through Web Admin

You can also fulfill orders through the iSeller web-admin. To fulfill orders on the iSeller web-admin, please click the order module then open the list of orders that you want to fulfill then click the Fulfill Items button.

After you click the Fulfill Items button, a new form will appear to fill in. You can fill in how much information as you wish to fulfill.

After you have filled in all the information of the items you want to return, please click on the Fulfill Items button to fulfill the order.

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