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Learn how to use more than one language in your online store, and how to change the language of the components of your online store.

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To maximize online stores, you can use more than one language. There are several language settings that you can do, namely:

  • Online Store Language Settings

  • Widget Language Settings

  • Menu Language, Content and Variant Settings

  • Language Settings Product Description

  • Additional Page Language Settings

  • Language Settings on the Admin Web and Checkout Pages

Online Store Language Settings

The language of online stores is the language that your online store generally uses. To set the language for your online store, you can click Sales Channel, then select the Online Store menu. Scroll to the Store Configuration panel.

Scroll down to the Language Preferences section. There are 2 types of settings that can be done, namely:

  • One Language: If you only want to use 1 language for your online store.

  • Multilingual: If you want to use 2 or more languages ​​for your online store.

One Language

If you only want to use 1 language for your online store, please choose a language in the Language Preferences section as shown below.

Then click Save button in the top right corner to apply the language to your online store. Please access your iSeller online store page to try the language that was installed.


If you want to apply 2 or more languages ​​to your online store, please activate the Enable Multilingual feature like the image below.

After that you can add languages ​​as needed in the next section. Click Add Language, then click Indonesian as a second language.

That way Indonesian has been added to the language choice of your online store. Click Save button to save the settings.

When you use multiple languages, there will be a language selection menu on your online store. Because English is set as the default language, the first time you open, your online store will use English.

To change the default language, you can click the Set As Default button next to the desired language in your Online Store language settings as shown below.

Widget Language Settings

You can also make specific language settings for each of your online store widgets.

For example, in the Top Selling widget. You can set the Top Selling title to change to Most Hot when you change the language of the Online Store to Indonesian.

After you have activated the Multilingual feature on an online store, you can change the language that appears in the theme editor as shown below.

To change the Top Selling posts to Most salable, choose the language as Indonesian.

Then you can click on the widget that you want to change the language. In this example, click Featured Collection (Top Selling).

On the Heading information, you can change the title Top Selling to Most Sell.

You can also change the English writing by selecting English in the theme editor, and changing the Heading information. That way, customers will be shown the text according to what you have installed in each language.

After that you can do the Save Concept to save the settings or select Publications to apply directly to your online store.

Menu Language, Content and Variant Settings

Then you can set the language of the Menu & Options Menu, Content and Variants on your online store. Please click the Language Editor in the language preferences section.

On this page, you can change the words used in each language choice. Please select the language you want to change first in the language options at the top right.

Then you can choose which words you want to translate. iSeller has grouped by type that you can see in Navigation on the right hand side.

If you have a product variant, you can translate the words you use like the color of the red shirt to red. Please click on Variants in Navigation on the right or scroll down to make language settings.

In this section, you can translate the variants that you have according to the selected language.

Click Save button to save the settings.

Language Settings Product Description

You can also translate each product description according to the language chosen.

Please enter the Catalog menu, then select Products. Next, please choose the product that you want to set the description for. For example this Back Twist Top.

Click Show Additional Descriptions.

Then click Add Description to add a product description.

In the type column there are several types of descriptions. To add a language description, please select Product Translator Complete (Online Shop) or Product Description Translator (Online Shop).

Full translator allows you to write text in formats such as bold, italic, etc. You can also add additional images to the complete translator.

Before you write a description, pay attention to the language options in the lower right. Customize the language of the description you write with your language choice.

If you want to add a translation of the description to another language, please change the language choice. Content descriptions in different languages ​​will be emptied again with the aim that you can easily fill in the description of the desired language quickly. An example is like the following picture.

After completing the description in both languages, you can immediately click Save button to save the description.

Thus you have managed to set your product description language. The product description that you create can be seen in your online store when the customer opens the product details page.

Additional Page Language Settings

iSeller provides a feature where you can add additional pages according to your needs. Read more in the Page Settings article.

On each of these pages, you can also add translations if you enable the Multilingual feature. Please change the language you want in the section marked below.

You must define each desired language in the page content section.

Language Settings in Web Admin and Checkout

To change the language in the Admin web and checkout page, you can do it in General Settings.

Thus you have set the language for the Online Store, Widgets, Menus, Content, Variants and Product Descriptions.

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