Product variant is a product that comes with variations. For example, a shirt is available in different colors such red, blue, and green, these colors are product variants. This article explains how to add product variants.

Add New Product with Variants

To add a new product with variants, please follow the following steps.

Step 1: Login to your iSeller store web admin

Step 2: On the Catalog menu , click the Products sub-menu then click the Add Product button

After you click the "Add Product" button you will see a form that you have to fill in to add a new product. The following is explains details of the form which divided into several sections.

General Information

General Information of the product you are adding. In this panel, you can fill in the Product Title and Description of the product. You can also upload Images for this product.


This is the panel to set product Price, Buying Price, and enable Tax on this product.


You can set the status for this product where is Active or Inactive it.


The visibility settings allows to set whether a particular product is available in which outlet/channel. If the Online Store button is activated, the product will be displayed on your Online Store. Same for the Point of Sale and each outlets.


Organization panel is where you assign Product Type, Vendor, Collections, and Tags for a product.


In the Loyalty panel, you can set how much loyalty points earning for the product. You can set the points automatically based selling price or manually.


Inventory panel is the inventory setting for the product. There are two prodcut type, Standard and Composite. Product variants is only available in Standard product type. Every product you can set the item code (SKU) and also barcode.

Make Product Variants

To add a new product variant, activate the "This product has variants" setting in the Inventory panel.

Once you turn on the button beside "This product has a variant", you will find an additional panel title Product Variants.

The following explain the column details in Product Variants.

  • Option: Choice of variants of the product, example: size, color, taste, etc. Option can be understand as a group for variant values.

  • Value: The value of variant option. If the variant option is Color, then the value of the variant will be Red, Green, White, etc. If the variant option is Size, then the value of the variant is S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc. SEPARATE DIFFERENT VALUES WITH A COMMA SIGN (,).

  • Trash Can: Click this button will remove the variant option.

  • Add Option: Click this button to add more options for variants.

Following picture shows product variant for Polo Shirts with Color options.

As seen in above picture, you can set different Prices, SKUs, and Barcodes for each Color Variant. Click the Save button to apply any changes in Product Variants.

Edit Variant

You can adjust the variant of the product you have by clicking the Pen logo at the far right of each Product Variant column.

The variant setting page is similar to product setting page. You can easily adjust and change your variant values.

In the variant settings, you can:

  • Change the value of the variant option from that product variant

  • Add a picture of that product variant

  • Set the prices and tax of that product variant

  • Set the loyalty points of that product variant

  • Set the inventory stock of that product variant.

Add New Variant

To add new variant options, there are several options for adding variants that you need to know about.

Add New Values for all existing Variant Options

If you want to add additional values for existing variant options, kindly follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click Edit Options then Add Option.

Step 2: If the new value is a size, enter the value for a size variant that has all the color variants. In our example, we will enter an M Size Variant which means all Color Options will have an M Size Variant. Click Save to apply the addition of a New Variant.

Add Values to certain Variant Options only

If you want to add additional values to certain variant options only, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: If you want to increase the L size variant value that is only owned by Blue and Yellow T-shirts, please check the Yellow and Blue Variant Values .

Step 2: Click the "Three Dots" button in the table title (in the image above located to the right of Update Inventory) then select Duplicate variants.

Step 3: Please enter the variant value of the size you want, in this example the entered variant value is L.

Step 4: Click the Save button to apply the addition variant. In the variant list, you will see that only the blue and yellow variant values ​​have Size L variants.

Set Variant Sequence

You can adjust the order arrangement of these variants. The order of variants will affect the appearance of the product in POS and Online Stores when user choosing products with variants. To Arrange Variant Sequence, please follow the following steps.

Step 1: Click the Reorder Variants button.

Step 2: In the next screen, click the 3 stripes icon and drag the Variant Options or Variant Values you want to sort the order, then place it to the position you want.

Step 3: Click Apply to apply the changes.

Change to Relative Prices

iSeller provides a Relative Pricing feature for your product variants, where purchase of each different variant, the price is added from the original base price.

Please follow the steps below to set relative pricing for variant.

Step 1: On the product page for the variant product section, please click Edit Variants.

Step 2: Activate the User Relative Price button at the bottom. When it is activated, there will be additional forms for each product variant. Please enter the relative price of the product variant.

Example, if your customer buys a Polo Shirt with a White Variant, this product price will be the product base price (Rp. 250,000) plus the relative price (Rp. 10,000) on White variant, which is Rp. 260,000. While from the picture above, the price of the Blue Polo Shirt product is Rp. 265,000.

Other than price, you can also set an image for each meta variant where the image can be used as a reference for the variant choices.

Step 3: Click Apply to apply the relative prices of the variant products. And don't forget to click Save at the top right corner to save your changes.

Changing Prices Simultaneously

Besides being able to set relative prices, you can also change all prices simultaneously. Kindly refer steps below:

Step 1: Select any variants you want to change price by checking the small box next to each variant selection.

Step 2: Click the Change Prices button at the top.

Step 3: Enter the new price to be applied to the selected variant. Then click Save.

Then the price of the selected variant will be changed together.

Change Inventories Simultaneously

In addition to being able to change prices simultaneously, you can also update inventory simultaneously. Follow steps below to do this.

Step 1: Select any variants you want to update inventory by checking the small box next to each variant selection.

Step 2: Click the Update Inventory at the top.

Step 3: Select the mode of change (Add or Set) you want to make.

Select Add will add a certain number to each variant selection.

Select Set will change the total amount of each variant to a certain amount.

Step 4: Click save to apply the changes.

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