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Page Settings

In this article you can learn how to add and change page features, as well as adjust page visibility.

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You can create pages for your online store. The iSeller page feature allows you to add a new page where the content can be arranged as needed. To add / change the iSeller online store page, please open Sales Channels > Online Store. Then click Pages on the menu at the top.

iSeller has provided several main pages that you can use and adjust to the needs of online stores, such as terms & conditions, return rules, confidentiality rules, and others. You can click on the page title to change the contents of an existing page.

To add a new page, you can click the Add Page button in the upper right corner.

Enter the page title in the Title column. This title will be used in the SEO settings for each page.

Then fill the page content at the bottom. You can add text, images, links, anything in this section.

If needed, you can also edit HTML. Click the HTML button next to the Design button at the bottom. But you can skip it if you don't need it. In HTML content, you can also add style designs and scripts to enhance your store's interactions and appearance.

Visibility Settings

Then you can choose whether or not this page can be accessed by customers in your online store by activating or deactivating the online store feature in the View panel. This feature is usually disabled when you want to make changes to a page and don't want that page to be accessed by your customers.

If you activate the button, additional features will appear that allow web pages to be accessed on certain days. Activate the Feature Visible at Specified Times and select the day when the page you want to be able to access.

When you have finished setting up, you can immediately click the Save button in the upper right corner to save the additions / changes made.

To access the page that you have created, you can enter the URL in your page settings in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) panel.

You can also enter your page in the navigation menu. To learn more, please read the Navigation Menu Settings article.

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