[Getting Started] Checkout Page Settings

This article explain about setting up a checkout page on your online store when customers make transactions.

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In the Sales Channels > Online Store menu, the Checkout Preferences panel, you can setting your Online Shop checkout page.

In this panel, you can make settings for your online store's checkout page, such as customer and order data.

Form Preferences

In the Form Preferences section, you can manage what information you need from customers when they checkout. You can set whether customers must fill in their first and last name, additional address and telephone number.

Order Preferences

To set what types of customers can checkout or place an order at your online store, please see the Order Preferences section.

In the Customer Preference information, you can set whether the customer can only complete order as a guest, or must have an account in your Online Store to place an order, or either option.

Below screenshot is showing example your Online Store checkout page if you set for order can be made either as guests or for those who have an account. Customers can choose to create a new account, log in using an existing account, or just continue to fill in their information to place an order as a guest.

If you choose a Customer completes the order as a guest, then on your Online Shop checkout page, customers can only fill in their info as guests and cannot create new accounts or log in to existing accounts.

And the following is the example when you require customers to log in or create an account to complete the order. On your Online Shop checkout page you will not have the option to fill in your details as a guest. So the Customer must log in to an existing account or create a new account. If creating a new account, Customers must fill in their information to be registered.

Thus you have completed the basic settings of your online store's checkout page. For additional settings such as colors, logos and additional ordering preferences, please read the Additional Checkout Configuration article.

After setting up the checkout configuration for selling, you can design your website's appearance according to your needs with the iSeller Theme Editor. On the theme you choose, you can set widgets you want to display on the home page and choose the appearance of the header and footer. Read the next step in the Theme Choosing and Publication article.

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