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Additional Checkout Configuration

Learn how to change the color and logo of your online store's checkout page, and set ordering preferences.

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After you have previously configured the basic checkout page in the [Getting Started] Checkout Page Settings, you can adjust the appearance by changing the color and logo.

Please go to the Sales Channels menu > Online Store, then scroll to the Checkout Preferences settings panel.

You can set the main color of your Online Store checkout page in the Main Checkout Brand Color section. Choose one of the colors from several color choices provided.

If you choose Pink as the main color, then the main color of your Online Shop checkout page will change to Pink like the following picture.

In addition to being able to set the main color on the checkout page, you can also use the logo on your Online Shop checkout page. Just like the steps you take to enter your Online Store logo, you only need to upload the logo from your storage media. If you do not upload a logo in this section, your Online Store logo will automatically be used also on your Online Store checkout page.

The checkout logo will appear at the top of your Online Store checkout page. If the checkout logo is left blank, the image to be taken is from the Online Store Logo in the Online Store Preferences section.

Additional Order Preference Settings

With the Automatically assign shipping address to billing address feature, the shipping address information will automatically be filled as the billing address. This makes the checkout process faster and more convenient for your customers.

Show Coupon Code at checkout feature, allows you to show / hide the Coupon Code Input feature on the checkout page. This is used if you want to temporarily turn off the discount feature.

Thus you have set the colors, logos, and additional order preferences. Then you can set SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to maximize your store search on search engines. Please learn about the features in the SEO Settings article.

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