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[Getting Started] Selection of Themes and Publish
[Getting Started] Selection of Themes and Publish

This article explain how to choose a theme for your online store and how to publish it.

Written by Chee Sing
Updated over a week ago

Theme Selection

Themes are templates available for you to use as your website design if you don't have a website yet. iSeller has provided various themes that you can use and setting according to your likes. All themes provided by iSeller require no additional costs and can be used immediately for free.

Kindly go to the Sales Channels menu, then select Online Store. You will see with a screen like the one below.

At the top of the page, click Theme to enter the theme settings for your online store.

After that, a page for setting your online store's theme will open, and you can see several themes that is available on iSeller. If you have not selected a theme for your online store, your online store will automatically use the Palette theme as the default choice.

If you want to use another theme, kindly scroll down. In the Browse Themes section, there are a variety of themes you can use.

Each theme has a different color and design. You can choose a theme that matches the concept of your online store. To use it, simply click the little arrow under each theme to install the theme.

After you click the Install button, a menu for the theme model selection will pop up. You can choose the theme model that best suits your online store by clicking the right or left arrow button. The choice of this model is a combination of selecting navigation menus, content, and footer information . All models can be reset in the Theme Editor.

Once you find a theme model that you like, just click the Install button in the top right corner.

After that the theme will be installed. To use it, you can scroll up. In the Installed Themes section, you can review and use themes that you had previously installed.

In the screenshot above, the active theme is the Palette. To replace it with a theme that you installed, you can click the Settings button to the right of the theme that you want to use to call out the additional menus.

Then click Publish.

After that you can access your online store again and you can see that the chosen theme has become the theme of your online store page.

Editing a Theme

You can also edit the theme as you prefer. To edit the theme, you can click the Edit button with a pencil drawing.

After that you will enter the Theme Editor. In this page, you can change the components of your theme. You can adjust it in the menu on the right side of the page.

The header is the very top of your online store. In the Header section, you can change the navigation menu of your online store. Click Header to modify it.

Under the Header, there is a widget for your online store. There are already some basic widget that you can use. But you can also modify it by clicking on one of the widgets you want to edit. Then a drop-down menu will open and you can modify it as if you are modifying the Header.

In addition to being able to modify existing widgets according to your choice of Theme Installer , you can also add new widgets according to your needs. Please click the + Add Widget button at the bottom of the menu as shown below.

After that the menu will open and you can choose what widgets you want to add to your online store.

After you set the Header and Widget, now you proceed to set the Footer of your online store. How to modify it the same as the Header and Widget. You only need to click on the Footer menu and the drop-down menu for the modification to open.

You can enter information about your online store in this Footer section such as social media accounts information.

Once you are satisfied with your theme, you can click Publish at the top right corner to apply changes to your theme.

If you only want to save your concept without publishing it, you can click Save Draft.

To learn more about how to modify widgets, you can read the Widget Settings article.

Thus your online store is ready to sell! Next we will show you how your customers make transactions at online stores from item selection to payment. Read more in the article Making a First Transaction.

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