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Learn the types of widgets, as well as how to add, remove, and change the arrangement of widgets in the theme editor.

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In the theme editor, there are widgets that you can use on the home page of your online store. Widgets are features that you can use to display images, textual content, or display a group of collections so that website visitors can easily search for the desired item.

To set the widget, you can open the Sales Channel menu, then click the online store sub-menu. Click on the theme at the top of the page, then click the change button on the default theme to enter the theme editor.

On the right side of the theme editor, you can see the widgets already installed in your online store. You can delete, add and change the position of these widgets. You can also edit each widget to adjust it to the needs of your online store.

Main Widget

There are 3 main widgets that you cannot delete or change the order, namely Header, Banner and Footer. You can still make adjustments to the three widgets to suit your online store. Here are the functions of each widget and how it looks.

The header is the very top of your online store page that is automatically available and cannot be deleted. In the header, there will be a navigation menu, language settings, currency options, customer account settings, shopping cart and search.

iSeller provides a feature where you can change the appearance of the header according to the theme you chose. The header display will also affect the navigation menu display on the smartphone browser.

Banners are parts that represent your online store, can be your online store information, ongoing promotions, events that are held, and so on. On your online store page, the banner is located after the Header.

Like the Header, Banner is the default widget that you cannot delete or change its position. The default banner will always be under the Header.

In addition to the banner grid, you can also change the appearance of the banner you want as needed. Please press the change button as shown.

iSeller provides 4 types of banners, namely:

  • Grid Banner: Displays a banner in the form of a number of images that have been arranged to appear in a unique grid.

  • Slide Show: Displays a banner in the form of a collection of images that can change at any one time the interval is set.

  • Featured Image: Displays a banner in the form of a fixed image and does not change.

  • Featured Video: Displays a banner in the form of a video. The recommended video file size that has been compressed so it doesn't take up too much bandwidth.

Footer is the bottom of your online store page that contains store contact information, social media, navigation menus, payment methods, and shipping methods available in online stores.

Additional Widgets

In addition to the main widget, you can also add widgets that you can arrange in order and appearance as needed. Select add widget at the bottom right and you will be given additional widget options.

It is a video type widget. You can upload videos of your choice or use YouTube videos to show certain features or information. We recommend compressing your video so that website visitors don't consume too much bandwidth.

Slide Show

A widget with a slideshow type where you can insert multiple images where the image can be changed within the interval you specify.

Grid Banner

Is a widget that contains a collection of images with a grid view. Grid banners are commonly used to highlight some of the main products in your online store or can also contain information on discounts or ongoing promotions.

It is a widget that contains a static image. You can enter information or links to specific parts of the picture.

Collection is a collection of products based on a certain category. In the featured collection widget, you can display a certain collection that you have previously made. To learn about collections, you can read the article Introduction to Collections.

Collection List

Collection list is a collection that you have made before. The collections will be displayed regularly as shown below.

You can manage each collection displayed on this widget. To learn about collections, you can read the article Introduction to Collections.

Image List

In the Image List widget, you can insert images that will be displayed in an orderly fashion as shown below. Image list is used to display photo galleries related to your online store.

In this featured page widget, you can display certain pages that you have added before. To learn about pages, please read the Page Settings article.

Image with Text

You can also display images with text with the Image with Text widget. In this widget, there is also a button feature that allows website visitors to open certain pages.

Text List

In the text list widget, you can make short writings, can be information to customers, and so on. For example like the following picture.

Not only text, if you have several pages, you can also display it on the Text List widget. In this widget you can enter 2 or more pages that you have added. The page will be displayed in full, as shown below.

Text List With Icon

If in the text list you can enter text or pages, in the Text List with Icon widget, you can enter text with an icon. For example like the following picture.

Custom Hypertext Markup

Here you can enter simple writing with Bold, Italic and Underline functions. You can also enter certain links on this widget.

After you add your widgets, you can also change their order or delete unwanted widgets.

Change the Widget Arrangement

To change the arrangement of widgets, you can use the drag and drop menu on the right. Please click, hold, then slide to the position you want and release.

Removing Widgets

To delete a widget, please choose the widget settings that you want to delete.

Then click Delete Widget at the bottom to delete.

And thus, you have learned how to set widgets in your online store. To learn how to edit each widget, you can click the link to each of the widgets provided above.

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