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Personal Courier Shipping Settings (Manual)
Personal Courier Shipping Settings (Manual)

Learn how to arrange manual shipping both worldwide and certain countries, and how to set shipping costs.

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To make manual shipping settings, please click on the Settings menu > Shipping. Scroll down to the Manual Shipping Rates section. In that panel there will be default settings for manual shipping to the store country and Worldwide. You can change it according to your needs.

Shipping to the Rest of the World

Rest of the World International Shipping is an arrangement that will apply to all countries other than the countries that you have specifically set for country-specific arrangements.

Please click the Change button to make shipping arrangements to the rest of the world.

Because this setting applies to all countries except those you have set, you cannot select a country list.

Shipping cost settings will be explained in the section Set Shipping Costs in this article.

Shipping to Specific Countries

To arrange manual shipping to certain countries, you can click Add Shipping Country or change the registered shipping country. Adding and changing country settings have the same settings.

Add / Change Weight Settings per Country

In the Shipping Country & States panel, you can change the destination country and also the states that can be addressed when shipping the product to that country.

To change the states supported for shipping, click the Change button next to the States/Provinces section.

Then you can set shipping rates in the Shipping Rates Details panel, which will be explained in the next section.

Set Shipping Rates

To set shipping rates, you can do this in the Shipping Rates Details panel in both countries' settings.

If you use several Personal Couriers with different fees and settings, you can arrange them here.

There are 2 cost settings that can be made:

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