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Personal Courier Shipping Arrangements by Weight
Personal Courier Shipping Arrangements by Weight

In this article you can learn how to add weight based rates on shipping by personal courier.

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You can add the destination countries that you want your online store to support for shipping products on the online store by using a personal courier shipping arrangement.

iSeller provides 3 features where you can add shipping rates by weight or by price or by distance.

You can add costs or change shipping costs already in the Shipping Rates Details panel in the Weight Based Rates section as indicated below.

To add a new courier, please click Add Rate. Enter your Personal Logo and Courier Name at the top.

Next you must provide the estimated shipping days in the Estimated Arrival section. This estimate applies to all Provinces that you selected previously. So estimate how many days it will take to deliver the order outside the island. If you want to determine the difference in costs per province, please add 1 country data that is the same as a different province.

Minimum and maximum weight is used to determine when the customer can choose the related courier. For example, if you enter a weight of 5 kg as a minimum weight and a maximum weight of 19 kg, then the customer can only choose this courier when the online shopping items are above 5 kg but still under 19 kg.

To adjust product weight, please read the Product Weight Settings page.

Enter the shipping rate amount in the Pricing section. Note that shipping rates in this section are flat, or will not increase as long as the weight of the product is within the range of minimum and maximum weight.

For example, you enter Rp. 10,000 as a shipping fee. Then there is customer A who buys your product with a product weight of 6 kg. And there is customer B who buys a product weighing 15 kg. Both customers will pay the same shipping rates because they are in the range of minimum weight and maximum weight.

Manage Cost Additions with Multiples

If you want to increase the rate of each weight increase, you can activate the Enable incremental rate feature to increase rate according to multiples.

After enable incremental rate setting, enter the incremental amount of the rate you want to add per weight increase.

From the example above, the first 5 kg costs IDR 10,000 and will increase IDR 1,000 per 1 kg thereafter. Products weighing 6 kg will become IDR 11,000, products weighing 10 kg will become IDR 15,000 and so on.

If you notice, the average shipping courier in Indonesia uses this incremental cost system. For example, JNE charges an additional 100% per 1 kg.

Then you just click Apply to complete the settings. Thus you have made your Personal Courier settings based on weight. Click Save button to save the settings.

Free Shipping

If you don't want to charge shipping rates to your customers, you can set shipping rates is free.

Please activate the button on the Free Shipping feature at the bottom.

Then you can enter the Logo, Courier Name and Estimated Arrival. After that you can determine the severity of the vulnerability where the shipment is free.

In the example above, shipping will be free when shopping weight is between 50 kg and 1000 kg.

Then click Apply to complete the addition of the courier. And after it's done, you can click Save button on the top right of the page to finish setting.

Checkout Display

After completion, the courier that you add will appear when the customer does the checkout as shown below.

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