Package Volume Settings

This article explains how to adjust package volumes, from selecting packages that are already available to adding custom packages.

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In the Product Weight Management article, it is recommended that you put the weight of the package in the product weight so that the excess weight from the package will not be charged to you. However, you can also enter package weight in general.

Please go to Settings > Shipping, then scroll down to the Packages panel.

You can see 3 types of packages that are already available.

  • Small Box weighing 0.18 kg

  • Medium Box weighing 0.25 kg

  • Large Box weighing 0.5 kg

You can set one of the available packages as your default package. The default plan is a package whose weight will be counted on every purchase at your online store.

For example, you choose Small Box as the default package. Then customer A buys product A weighing 5 kg, and product B weighs 3 kg. Small Box weight of 0.18 kg will be added at the end after the weight of all products has been added, and not added to each product. So the total weight is 8.18 kg.

You can use this feature if you are sure of the type of package you will be using. To choose the default package, you can click the Change button next to the package you want to select.

Then click the Set As Default button and click Save button to save.

Add a Custom Package

If you feel that the type of package available is not what you are using, you can add a Custom Package where you can adjust the Volume and Weight of the Package as what you like. Please click the Add Package button.

Then in the Package Details section, please select Custom Package.

Please name your custom package as desired in the Name section. Then enter Package Type, Size and Weight in the Package Detail section.

For example, a package named Package A has a type of softpack with a package volume of 30cm x 15cm x 10cm and a package weight of 0.3 kg.

You need to know, if you have added package weight to the product weight when you register your product weight, the package weight in the default package will still be added to the total weight.

If you have added weight to each product and you do not want to add another package weight, then you can add a custom package with a light weight.

For example, Package B with a volume of 1cm x 1cm x 1cm. For weight, because you cannot enter the number 0 (zero), then you can enter 0.001 kg.

After that, specify the custom package as the default package. Therefore, customers will not be charged for adding the weight of the package.

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