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Domestic Integrated Courier Shipping Arrangements
Domestic Integrated Courier Shipping Arrangements

Learn how to set up service types, free shipping, price adjustments, and connect personal accounts to integrated domestic couriers.

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Domestic shipping is a domestic shipping service. The country in question is the country set on the shipping address settings page.

Click change on one of the integrated couriers to make arrangements.

In the domestic shipping arrangement, you can immediately select the type of courier service that you want to use in the service panel.

For example in the arrangement of domestic shipments with integrated JNE couriers, you can choose the type of services provided by JNE which you can see below.

In the JNE service, you can choose to activate the REG, CTC, YES, and CTCYES services. This service is a service that is obtained from the integration of the JNE system through the API. To learn more about JNE, please visit the website at JNE Express.

Then you can arrange free shipping, if you want to free customers from shipping costs. Please activate the free shipping feature as shown below.

Then additional settings will open as shown below.

Apply to is used to set what type of service you want to use for free shipping. You can only choose one or all services. If you want to choose several shipping for free, you can set it on the promotion menu. Read more in the Promotion Conditions article in the Shipping Based Discount subtitles.

You can also set a maximum discounted price. For example, if you enter IDR 15,000 as the maximum price, the first IDR 15,000 will be free when a customer checks. You can also charge 0 (zero) for unlimited costs, which means customers will get a full discount on shipping costs.

In the customization section, you can add shipping costs that will be charged to the Customer to anticipate if there are additional costs from the courier. You can add the fee based on percentage and / or amount.

Enter the percentage if you want the adjustment fee to be calculated from the shipping fee. For example, you enter 10% as an adjustment fee. If the shipping fee is IDR 9,000, then the adjustment fee that will be charged is IDR 900, and the total cost that the customer will pay as the shipping fee is IDR 9,900. Adjustment fees by percentage will vary depending on the shipping cost.

If you don't want changing costs for adjustments, you can choose the calculation based on the amount. For example, if you enter IDR 1,000 and the shipping fee is IDR 9,000, the total shipping fee that will be charged to the Customer is IDR 10,000.

In the Account Information section, iSeller provides a feature where you can enter your personal API Key and Username according to the courier involved. All shipping transactions will be recorded by the courier on behalf of the registered API Key and Username. Shipping costs will still be deducted from the payout report.

Click Save button to save the settings.

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