Transfer Introduction

This article will explain the general introduction of transfers starting from the main part, searching for, and filtering out transfers.

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Transfers are used to change stock on your iSeller system. You can easily change the stock at each outlet with the stock record feature, but there is no record data where you can do a review of where the stock is decreasing or increasing. To manage your product transfer, please go to the Catalog menu and the Transfer sub-menu as shown below.

Title of Transfer Page

On the Transfer Page Title , you can add a new transfer by clicking the Add Transfer button , then you will be taken to the page to add a new transfer. To find out more about adding transfers, please read the related article, Transfer In, Transfer Out, and Transfer Between Outlets.

Main Section of Transfer Page

In the title of the table you can see explanations such as: Type, Transfer, Created Date, Expected Arrival, Destination, Source, Status, and Received. You can click the title of this table to sort or sort the data.

The following is a simple explanation:

  • Type: The type of transfer is including of Transfer In or Transfer Out.

  • Transfer: Unique reference codes of transfers that are created automatically when there are new transfers added.

  • Created Date: Date of creation of the transfer.

  • Expected Arrival: Date when the item is predicted to arrive at its destination.

  • Destination: Location of receipt of the transfer.

  • Source: The location of delivery of the transfer.

  • Status: Status information can be Completed, Partial, or Pending. If the status is complete, it means that all items have been processed, including accepted, rejection, and cancellation. Some are installed when there are items that still need to be processed. Pending is a status which means there is no processing of the goods at all.

  • Received: The number of products that have been accepted, rejected, and canceled. You can see the details by clicking on the available bar.

Looking for a Transfer

To find a specific transfer, please write the reference number or tag of the transfer you want to search into the form that we marked with a red box, then the iSeller system will automatically sort out the transfer list that has the reference number.

Filter Transfers

If you want to filter your transfer list, please click on the funnel icon located at the top left of the main transfer page, then you will find various types of transfer filtering that we have provided.

There are several types of transfer filtering that you can choose from:

  • Type: Filtering can be in the form of Transfer In or Transfer out .

  • Status: Filtering can be Completed , Partial , Started or Pending .

  • Tags: Filtering is based on tags associated with or associated with the transfer.

  • Created Date: Filtering is based on the date when the transfer was made.

  • Expected Arrival Date: Filtering is based on the expected arrival date of the transfer.

  • Outlet: Transfer filtering is based on the name of the outlet that received the transfer.

  • Supplier: Transfer filtering is based on the name of the outlet which is the supplier of the transfer.

After you choose the filtering method, you will find the filtering form as follows:

After selecting the column to filter (in this example is the Status), please fill in the operator and value fields with an explanation as follows:

  • Operator: The way in which the transfer will be filtered, in this example the operator selected is Is which means "Equal to".

  • Value: The value of the transfer that you want to filter, in this example the chosen value chosen is Pending.

Then the filtering results that will be displayed are all pending transfers. After all are entered, please click Add Filter then the results of product filtering will be as follows:

Saving Inventory Filtering Results

The results of the filtering that you have done can be saved for later use. Just click the My Filter button to save the filter results.

You simply enter the name of the results of the transfer filter and press the Save button then the results of your transfer filter will be saved.

You can access each filtering result of your transfer by clicking the Three Point icon located to the right of the My Filter button.

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