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Return Goods to Supplier (Transfer Out)
Return Goods to Supplier (Transfer Out)

Learn how to return a product that is deemed unfit to the supplier.

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Transfer out to the supplier / supplier is used to send back goods that are deemed unfit to receive or want to be returned.

Making Data Transfer Out

To find out how to send goods / transfer out to the supplier, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Enter the Catalog menu then the Transfer sub-menu. Click Add Transfer.

Step 2: In the display that appears, please fill in the General section where you can select the product you want to transfer by clicking the Find Products feature. Products that can be selected are only products that activate the Track Inventory with iSeller feature.

In that panel, you can also fill in the amount that you want to transfer in the Quantity column.

Step 3: In the Details panel, you can fill in detailed information about the transfer activities carried out. On the Transfer Type information, please select Transfer Out and then on the Transfer Out Type Information, please select Return to Supplier. For information from Outlets, you can choose which outlet will return the product. In the To Supplier information, you can choose which supplier will receive the return of goods.

Step 4: The Additional Details Panel allows you to add Reference Numbers and Tags which can then make it easier for you to find the Transfer Out list.

Step 5: After that you can choose the desired transfer method. There are 2 transfer methods for shipping goods to suppliers:

  • Automatic: If the feature we highlighted above is activated, it will immediately reduce the stock of goods at the selected outlet when you save data transfer out.

  • Manual: If the feature that we highlighted above is turned off, then the stock won't decrease before the start transfer. To find out about start transfer, please read the steps below regarding Starting Goods Shipping (Manual).

Step 6 : After all panels have been filled, please click the Save button to save and carry out the Transfer Out of the product.

Start Delivery of Goods (Automatic)

After you make a data transfer out, next is the shipment of goods.

If you activate the start transfer start automatically, when the transfer out data is stored, then the stock of goods will immediately decrease at the original outlet. The quantity of goods transferred can also not be changed once the transfer process has begun.

Begin Shipping Goods (Manual)

If you do not activate automatic delivery, the status of the transfer will change to Pending and you must select Start Transfer to begin the process of sending the item.

After you start the transfer which means sending the goods to the supplier, the stock in your warehouse will decrease.


In the Timeline section , you can add internal records as to why the product was returned to the supplier.

And you can also see the item transfer activity as shown below.

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