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Receiving Goods from Suppliers (Transfer In)
Receiving Goods from Suppliers (Transfer In)

Learn how to add product / transfer in stocks sent by suppliers to your store.

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Goods import / transfer in is used to increase the stock of products sent by the supplier. The advantage of importing goods with the transfer feature is that you can easily do an inventory check-in on the Transfer page.

You can make a stock change immediately on the product page, but if you make a change to the page, then there is no income or expenditure report on the modified stock.

Step 1: Enter the Catalog menu and then the Transfers sub-menu. Click Add Transfer.

Step 2: In the display that appears, please fill in the General panel where you can select the product you want to transfer by clicking the Find Products column. Products that can be selected are only products that activate the stock listing with iSeller feature.

On that panel, you can also fill in the amount you want to transfer into the Buy column as well as the purchase price of the product in the Purchase Price column. The purchase price will be used on the profit & loss report when you activate the cost of goods sold feature.

Step 3: In the Details panel, you can fill in detailed information about the transfer activities carried out. In the Transfer Type column, please press Enter from your keyboard to select Transfer In. For the From Suppliers column, you can choose which suppliers ship the product. In the information to Outlet, you can choose which outlet will accept the Transfer In.

Step 4: The Shipment Panel allows you to fill in the Expected Arrival Date and enter the Tracking Number to track the shipping process.

In the Expected Arrival Date column, you can fill in the estimated date the product you received.

To add a tracking number, please click Add Tracking Number.

Please fill in the Tracking Number and select the Shipping Carrier of the product to be transferred. Click Add Tracking Number to apply the addition of the tracking number or Cancel to cancel of adding the tracking number.

If you add a tracking number, you will find a display like this:

You can click on the tracking number which will then open the shipping courier page to then track the shipment.

Step 5: Please fill in the Additional Details column to add the Reference Number and Tags which can then make it easier for you to find the Transfer In list.

You can find the Reference Number or Tags of the transfer in the search column of the Transfer List.

Step 6: After that you can choose the desired transfer method. There are 2 transfer methods for Shipping Goods from Suppliers :

  • Automatic: Automatic will immediately send goods without the need to start the transfer first. To learn the steps to accepting transfers automatically, please read Transfer In - Automatic Transfer.

  • Manual: The manual will not immediately ship the item before the transfer begins. To learn the steps to accepting transfers manually, please read Transfer In - Manual Transfer.

Step 7: After all fields have been filled in, please click the Save button to save and carry out the Transfer In of the product.


In the Timeline section, you can add internal notes such as an explanation of the items sent.

And you can also see the item transfer activity as shown below.

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