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Transfer In - Transfer Manual
Transfer In - Transfer Manual

Learn how to manually adjust the receipt of goods sent by the supplier.

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After you make the data transfer in, the next step is to arrange receipt of the goods.

If you do not enable automatic shipping, the status of the transfer will change to Pending Delivery and you must select Automatically Start Transfer to begin the process of shipping goods from the supplier.

This feature is provided so that you can make some data transfers that will be received at a later date. This feature is usually used for those of you who want to make a lot of stock income plans but there is no shipping from suppliers / suppliers.

After the Start Transfer process begins, then you can review whether the goods you have received will be placed as stock in the warehouse / will be returned to the supplier / refuse to add to the warehouse.

There are 2 methods used to confirm receipt of goods:

  • Mark As Complete

  • Receive items

Mark As Complete

This method automatically changes all product statuses received whether all items have been received / items received will be returned / reject items received due to damage.

  • Accept All Remaining Items: All items sent will be received automatically and stock items will be immediately added at the receiving outlet.

  • Cancel All Remaining Items: All items received are considered damaged and will be returned to the supplier. A new transfer out to supplier will be made automatically for product return.

  • Reject All Remaining Items: All items sent will be rejected on the grounds that the goods are damaged or cannot be sold and the supplier does not receive a refund service, so that the stock received will not be added at the receiving outlet.

Receive Items

This method will separate the items sent in more detail such as the goods have been accepted, canceled, or rejected.

On this page, you can approve the acceptance of all products by pressing the Mark All As Accepted button at the top right of the Product panel.

There are also several features to set the status of each product received whether you agree to add goods received to the warehouse / cancel receipt which means returning the goods to the supplier / refuse receipt of goods where the quantity of refusal will not be added to the warehouse of the destination which you has been specified it before.

Here are some of the features found in the Receive Items feature.

  • Accepted: You can set how many items you agree to put in the destination warehouse.

  • Cancelled: You can set how many items you need to return to shipping (refund to the supplier) because it is deemed the product that you cannot accept it. Items that are canceled will be made 1 data transfer out to the supplier.

  • Rejected: You can set how many items that you think are not suitable to be put into the warehouse, but the supplier does not receive a refund service. Products that are rejected will not count as stock in the iSeller system.

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