Introduction to Stock Control

Learn about the stock control feature, how to do stock take and filter out stock taking.

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On the uses and advantages of the fire and use the add-on taking stock of the article as introduced in the Stock Control article, you can use this add-on to do stock taking for your store inventory.

This article explain what features available in the Stock Control module, and how to operate it.

  • Name: The name column display the name of stock take session and number of products in checking. Stock take name is generate automatically with the format of date and outlet name.

  • Date: The date when the stock take was created.

  • Group: The group / person who did the stock take.

  • Outlet: The outlet that stock take took place.

  • User: The user who created the stock of the stock take.

  • Status: Status of the stock taking, whether Pending, Submitted, Rejected, or Approved.

If you want to find a particular stock take, you can use the search or filter function shown below in red color marked box. You can search by the name of stock take. The Filter function allows you to filter by stock take status.

This is the introduction of Stock Control module. For further steps such as calculating product stock and how to approve product stock, please read the follow-up article on Calculating Product Stock and Approval.

Export List of Products for Stock Take

To export a list of products for stock taking, please click the Export button.

After you click the Export button, you will see a new display that contains the Export Stock Control as below.

You can set options for the list of products that you want to export. There are four export options available.

  • Obsolete: This option will export the list of stock take before the product in the stock take list has been taken up.

  • Overwritten: This option will export a list of stock hospitalizations in which the product in the stock take list has been stocked hospitalized at the same time.

  • Rejected: This option will export the list of in-stock stocks in which the products in the in-stock list are rejected or unchecked at the time of approval of the stock taking.

  • Approved: This option will export the list of in-stock stocks in which the products in the in-stock list have been approved. This option will also include additional choices, which are Exclude Match Items. If Exclude Match Item is checked then the product whose calculation is the same will be displayed on the export stock inventory list.

Export of Timeline for the Stock Take

You can also export the stock inventory timeline to your store. To export the stock inventory, please select one of the stock names and then click Export Timeline as shown below.

After that a pop-up page will appear as shown below.

You can specify the Start Date that you choose to export the product timeline. After you have filled in the start date, please click the Export button to continue exporting the timeline.

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