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Stock Control

Study the Add-On Stock Control to compare warehouse stocks and sales.

Written by Cheah
Updated over a week ago

iSeller provides an add-on for stock management, specifically the ability to compare the number of inventory taking in the warehouse with the sales stock on the iSeller system.

Stock Control allows you to assign a group to perform calculations, agree on the number of calculations, and view the stock amount on the inventory report.

Stock Control is an additional menu that will appear in the iSeller web-admin after you install the Stock Control add-on.

To access Stock Control, please click the Catalog menu, then the Stock Control sub-menu.

To use the stock control feature, please read the article Introduction to Stock Control to see this feature in general. After the stock control data is added, then you can manage who will do the stock calculation. After that, you can make an approval to finalize the stock recorded in the system.

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