Calculating Product Stock

This article will explain steps to perform product stock take in the stock control module.

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In the Introduction to Stock Control, you have learned the basic features of reading the stock control module. This article explains further the steps to do stock take and adjust the inventory as per stock take result.

Please follow the steps below to for performing stock take in your store.

Step 1

First, you need to create a stock take form for products you want to do stock take, in which outlet or warehouse, and the person who is doing the stock take. Click the Add button to add stock control.

Step 2

After you click the Add button, a new form will appear as shown below

  • Outlet: The outlet that you are doing stock take. To create additional outlets, please read Outlet Settings.

  • Group: Choose the team or group who will do the stock take.

  • Find Product: The product that you are doing stock take. Only product that is activated with inventory policy will appear in the product list.

  • Details: Information panel showing who create this stock take form, the status of this stock take (whether it pending / submitted / approved / rejected), and the time of this stock take was created.

You can directly add the stock take person by typing their name then click the "+" sign on the right as shown below.

Step 3

After you have chosen products that you want to do stock take, fill in the number of Counted and Wasted quantity for each product column we provide as shown below.

Counted quantity are products that your store still posses and worth selling, quantity of this counted product will be added into the system inventory.

Wasted quantity are products that do not want the amount added back to the system stock.

Step 4

After you fill in the counted and wasted quantity, there are 3 buttons to continue stock take.

  • Cancel: Cancel this stock take form creation.

  • Submit: Stock taking is done and submit this stock take result to request approval. Once this form is submit, the status of this form will change to Submitted.

  • Save: Save this stock take form as draft. You can continue to edit details in this stock take form such as changing quantities and products. When click save, the status of this stock take form will become Pending.

Once the stock take form is save or submit, it will appear in the Open page as shown below.

Each stock take form will have a detail form as shown below.

Note that once submitted, the quantity of counted and wasted for products can not be change, make sure the quantity is accordance as per actual stock take quantity before submit the form. The status will also change to Pending as shown below.

These are the steps for performing product stock take in the Stock Control module in your store. After stock take form has been created and submitted, next step is final approval of stock take form. Please read the Approval article on how to approve a stock take.

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