Outlet Settings

Learn about outlet settings from adding new outlets, removing outlets, and changing information about existing outlets.

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The outlet feature is useful if your store has more than 1 branch. By adding outlets, you can review several reports broken down based on registered outlets.

Access Outlet Settings

To enter the outlet settings, please enter the Sales Channels menu then the Point of Sale sub-menu.

Add New Outlet

To add a new outlet, please click the Add Outlet button in the upper right corner.

Fill Out the Add Outlet Form

After you click the Add Outlet button, please fill out the form that appears on your screen.

The following is an explanation of the information you need to fill in:

  • Outlet Name: The name of the outlet that you want to fill. This information must be filled in.

  • Address: The complete address of the outlet.

  • Apt, Suite, etc.: Add address information such as the name of the apartment or building along with which floor the outlet is located. You can choose whether to fill in this column or not.

  • Phone: The active telephone number of the outlet.

  • Country: Country information for outlets.

  • State/Province: Provincial information outlet.

  • City: Outlet city information.

  • Postal/Zip Code: Outlet postal code information.

  • Change Pin Point Location: If you click Change Pin Point Location, you will find a GPS map where you can place the point where the outlet is located.

  • Use this sales tax for this outlet: You can choose which type of tax will be applied to this outlet. Please read the Tax Arrangement (POS) article to find out more about tax arrangements.

  • Receipt Template: You can also choose the receipt / receipt you want to use at the outlet. iSeller provides a feature where you can manage the text that appears on the receipt. To learn more, please read the Receipt / Receipt (POS) Settings.

At the bottom you can also determine whether the outlet is the main outlet and activate / deactivate the outlets that are no longer in use.

Contact Details

Fill this section with the person responsible for the outlet concerned.

Here is the data that needs to be filled in:

  • Full name: The name of the person responsible for the outlet.

  • Email: Email the person responsible for the outlet.

  • Website: Website information (if owned) to contact the person responsible for that outlet.

  • Facebook: Facebook account name information that can be searched for to contact that person.

  • Twitter: Twitter account name information that can be searched for to contact that person.

Removing Outlet

iSeller does not provide a feature to delete outlets with a reason to avoid miscalculating the stock that you recorded using iSeller. You can manage stock using iSeller with the stock record feature, to learn more, please read Stock Inventory Management.

To disable certain outlets, please turn off the button in the Status section.

Change Outlet Information

To change the outlet information that has been created, just follow these steps:

Step 1

Select the outlet that you want to change, then click the pen icon on that outlet.

Step 2

Please change the information you want to change. The explanation for each column is the same as the explanation for making a new outlet.

Step 3

Click Save to apply the changes you have made.

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