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Everything you need to know in tax setting.

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iSeller provides a flexible tax setting by allowing different tax rates in the store. You may decide on which products are to be taxed. This article explain on how to access and manage the tax settings for a product. Tax settings can be found in the Settings menu, Taxes & Charges submenu.

Tax Calculation

Turning on the Include Taxes In My Prices will hide the tax calculation under the subtotal in receipt. This mean all the product prices are included tax where there is no need to further calculate tax rate after subtotal.

Charge Taxes On Shipping Rates applies to the sales in online stores only. When this setting is turned on, the tax calculation will be done following the subtotal after the shipping cost is added.

Adding and Editing Taxes

You can also easily add or edit the setting of the available taxes. Click the "Add Tax" button to add a new tax or click the pen logo to edit existing taxes.

After you click the pen logo or the "Add Tax" button, you will see the following page with similar contents. The only difference is to add a new tax, or to change an existing tax.

Please fill in the required information:

  • Tax Name: The tax name that will appear on the receipt

  • Rate (%): The tax rate for tax calculation

  • Tax Calculation: To determine tax calculation before or after discount.

  • Description: Additional information that you want to include in the VAT (for internal records only).

Enabling Tax Settings For Each Product

To activate tax on certain products, please use the following methods:

Step 1: In Catalog menu, choose Products to select the items you want to set taxes

Step 2: From the Pricing section, turn on the Charge taxes on this product setting. Then click Show tax per outlet and you will find the tax rate charged to the product and the Retail Price Included Tax. You can select different taxes for each outlets respectively.

Step 3: Click "Save" to save the changes.

For Advanced Tax Arrangements and other additional costs, please check Additional Charges and Rounding Settings.

After done with the tax settings, you can amend shopping receipt format in Receipt / POS (POS) Settings page.

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